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yes they should both be hooked to same sensor

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Q: Do both electric fan motors come on at the same time to cool the radiator?
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Why wont the electric fan motors for the radiator come on in your 1997 dodge stratus?

A wire could be cut. check the resistance of the wires from the connectors to find a break. they could be broken from wear. or it could be the motors themselves that are bad, but check the wires first before replacing them.

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Electric lights will not come on unless their electrical circuit is a parallel circuit?

No, electric lights come in both parallel and series circuit.

On a 2001 dodge durango does the electric fan come on with the ac on or with temperature gauge?


Why does your radiator fans not cut in on your vectra after changing fan switch on radiator?

Electric fans on vehicles only run when necessary,,,over heating or the temperature getting near a dangerous level. They just do not come one when the vehicle runs. Normally they WILL come on if you turn the AC on because of the added stress on the engine.

How to remove a Corvette radiator?

Drain the water from your Corvette radiator. Remove the radiator hoses. Remove the radiator stabilizing arm bolt. Remove the radiator retaining bolts. The radiator will come off.

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How do you replace the radiator in a Ford Expedition?

The radiator hoses will need to be disconnected. Remove the cooling fan. Unbolt the radiator and any shroud surround and the radiator will come out. Reverse to install.

Dodge Dakota Sport 2.5L did it come out with an electric cooling fan?

Yes, both AMC and Chrysler 2.5 L four cylinder engines had electric cooling fans.

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What colors does the Frigidaire FEB24S2A Electric Wall Ove come in?

This Frigidaire model oven comes in both black and white.

1993 Plymouth duster radiator cooling does not come on?

Either the fan is burnt out or the sensor that tells the electric fan when to turn on is bad, you can wire the fan directly to the battery to see if it's good.

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Does the radiator on a 1999 mercury mountaineer come out from the top or bottom?

When the thermostat is open the coolant will flow through the top radiator hose in to the radiator and out to the water pump through the bottom radiator hose

What would cause the engine in a 1992 Chevy S-10 to overheat only when you use the Air Conditioner?

This is an early sign that your radiator needs to be flushed, or replaced. I would get this done to avoid having to drive w/your heater on during these hot summer months. Probably the radiator is marginally blocked or the thermostat is sticking partially closed. Somehow the engine is not getting enough coolant flowing. If you've never had the radiator removed and tested, now seems like a good time. You don't say if you are driving down the road or not. If you are driving down the road there is suppose to be enought air pushing through the AC and radiator to keep everything cool. When you are parked or in slow traffic the electric fans come into play. The electric fans on the radiator may not be working. They are supposed to come on and draw air through the radiator and AC condenser at a certain engine temperature. There are sensors and the car computer involved in this process.

Instructions on how to repair headlight motors on a 1988 Pontiac trans am?

If the motors run but lights do not come up you need to remove motors and the pull apart and put in small sections of hose these is detailed info on

Why is our 1994 Chevy Lumina V6 3.1L 4 door sedan still over heating after changing the thermostat seals and flushing the engine and radiaor?

did you check if the radiator is plugged? Check for operation of the cooling fans. Turn on the A/C to see if the fans come on. If they do not come on the fan motors, relays or wiring need attention.

Do you remove the transmission cooler lines to take a radiator out of a 1995 Pontiac grand am?

yes, anytime you have to take a radiator out of an automatic car the tranny lines have to come off the radiator.

Why does the radiator water come out of your tailpipe?

Radiator coolant (antifreeze) coming out the tail pipe is bad news. Probably a bad head gasket or a cracked head or both. If it's plain water coming out of the tail pipe it is probably just condensation, nothing to worry about.

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