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== == When parents are divorced, the use of the children's exemptions is generally determined by the decree. It has nothing to do with who pays for what. The parent with whom the children reside for over 50% of the year may claim Head of Household status. At no time may both parents claim the same children in the same year on separate income tax returns.

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Q: Do both parents have the right to claim their children on their income taxes?
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If you make too much can you claim both children?

Your right to claim dependents has nothing to do with your income...only if you can and they are "qualifying child or relative" by the tests needed.

Can your boyfriend who live with you and pay your bills claim one of your children on his income tax?

Only if he has a legal right to one of them.

You loaned your company money but have not claimed it on personal income taxes how many years can you go back to claim the loans?

Claim the loans? You mean claim the interest on the loans, right. Loans are neither a deduction or income.

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Can you use a Claim of Right in family law?

You or your counsel can attempt it, however it is not normally a defense used within a family law context and may not be admissible.-quote- "Claim of right doctrine is a principle of taxation that causes a taxpayer to recognize income if she or he receives the income even though they do not have a fixed right to the income.This doctrine has currently become a source of abuse attempted by taxpayers seeking to evade paying their income tax by claiming that they do not have a right to the income." -unquote-

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Can the custodial parent claim both children and the earned income credit on their tax return if the non-custodial parent is behind on child support but usually you each claim one child?

The custodial Parent has the right to claim both children, but in your case if the NC parent is behind they will automatically take it from their tax refund anyway. But as with any agreement if it states the NC gets to claim one then you can only claim one. If there is not an agreement in that way, then the custodial has the right. The arrears owed to the C has no affect on the claiming rights of another.

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Do the decedent's parents have a right to take over their sons burial instead of his children?

No. The spouse and children have the primary right. The grandparents may step in if there is no spouse and the children are minors.

Do you need to file your auto insurance claim with your taxes when filing them?

Your auto insurance claim has nothing to do with filing your income taxes. You file your auto claim by notifying your agent right when the incident occurs so they can start working on the claim as fast as possible.

Should adoptive children be given the right back to their birth parents?

not unless their birth parents were abusive to them

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THIS STATEMENT IS TOTALLY INCORRECT.Study proves that parents have a whole 15 years to put their children on the right track.

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Do adopted children have the right to know their biological parents?

Yes, every child has a right to know the truth.

Can an unmarried couple file head of household if one partner provided more than 50 percent of the children's support?

If the children are both of your natural biological or adopted children, then the parent with the highest adjusted gross income should file the children, if the children belong to one of the adults then that one is the only one that has a right to claim the children on their return. The other adult will file as single.

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Property given to you by your parents can your husband claim half the value?

No your husband cant clam on the property which is given by your parents He has no right to claim on it Answer: That depends on where you are and on what the paperwork says. It some places, it may be considered joint property. Check with a lawyer.