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Do both parents have the right to claim their children on their income taxes?


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== == When parents are divorced, the use of the children's exemptions is generally determined by the decree. It has nothing to do with who pays for what. The parent with whom the children reside for over 50% of the year may claim Head of Household status. At no time may both parents claim the same children in the same year on separate income tax returns.


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You or your counsel can attempt it, however it is not normally a defense used within a family law context and may not be admissible.-quote- "Claim of right doctrine is a principle of taxation that causes a taxpayer to recognize income if she or he receives the income even though they do not have a fixed right to the income.This doctrine has currently become a source of abuse attempted by taxpayers seeking to evade paying their income tax by claiming that they do not have a right to the income." -unquote-

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