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Both parties must appear at the time the application for a marriage license is made, this is the required procedure in all states. The couple must also present an acceptable photo ID and any other documentation prescribed by state law, such as a Social Security card.

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2006-03-25 04:56:12
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Q: Do both the man and woman have to get the marriage license in Missouri?
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I am in Alaska in the military my fiance is in Missouri how do you get a marriage license so as to get things set up before she gets here?

If it is a proxy marriage that you want unfortunately both Alaska and Missouri does not allow proxy marriages.

Do both persons have to be present for marriage license?

Yes, both have to be present in order to be issued a marriage license and you have to have a drivers license or your ID!!!

How do you end a marriage if you never signed the marriage license?

In order for a marriage to be valid, the license must be signed by both parties willingly. If no license was signed, there was no marriage in the first place.

Can one person file for a marriage license?

No, both people must be present when filing for the marriage license.

Can someone get a marriage license to marry an undocumented alien?

As you get a marriage license, both people have to show proof of identity which is their birth certificate or driver's license.

Do you have to get your marriage license in the county that you live?

You will have to get your marriage license from the country where you both got married. But if you are staying in another country after migrating , you will have to only register your marriage in that country.

Do both people have to be present to purchase the marriage license?


Does it matter what county you get your marriage license in pa?

No. Both parties must appear in person at the Marriage License Bureau of the Wills/Orphans' Court Division in any county of Pennsylvania to apply for a marriage license. The marriage license can be used anywhere in Pennsylvania. There is a three-day waiting period between the date applicants apply for a marriage license and when the license may be issued. The marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued and may be picked up from the Marriage License Bureau by either of the applicants, a friend or a relative.

Do you need BOTH a marriage certificate and a marriage license to get married?

If you have been married before you will need your divorce decree and then you will need your marriage license. You will receive a marriage certificate in the mail about 7-14 business days after you are married.

How can you get a marriage license if both are illegal?

Status of immigration is normally not a factor. You simply apply for the license at the court house.

Do you need a marriage license in Utah?

To get married in Utah, you need to have a marriage license and have the marriage solemnized. You can apply for a marriage license at any county clerk's office. The license becomes effective immediately and is valid for 30 days. Both parties must apply together and show valid photo ID, such as a driver's license or state id card.

Do both parties need id to apply for marriage license?

Yes. Yes you do

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