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Depends on the dude, some like blonds, some like brown hair.

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Q: Do boys like girls with blond hair and blue eyes more then girls with brown hair and brown eyes?
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Do blond boys like brown haired girls?


Do blond boys like some brown girls?

Yes, I had a boyfriend with blond hair and blue eyes (i think) and i have like tan skin and brown eyes.Ah... If you mean like "Do blond boys like mexican/spanish skinned girls", For some reason it generally seems not that much... don't get me wrong, to each their own, But I just can't think of it happening for some reason. If you mean brown haired girls, Then I don't see why not.

What are the 3 rarest combinations of hair and eye colors for boys and girls?

1) a red head with blue eyes 2) blond hair with brown eyes 3)blond hair and green eyes

Why do girls always flock towards blond guys but guys don't always flock towards blond girls?

Boys and Girls don't go for the blond guys or the blond girls. I don't think blond guys are cuter then brown haired boys. Maybe at your school all of the brown haired guys are cuter or something I don't know. I think that's kind of weird. ahh at my school it's kinda opposite. All the guys like blond girls, and girls don't like blond guys. It's weird...

Boys - do you like blond girls or.?

well it depands on the girl if she has blond hair and hot then yes. If she has brown hair and she is hott then yes well it depands on the boy and how the girl actes

What is the best color for school?

Boys=brown Girls=blue,pink Punks=black

Do boys like strawberry blond girls?

Not all, some do.

Is the sky blue DSI for boys?

The sky blue dsi is for both boys and girls. I know boys and girls who have the sky blue dsi.

How do you know if a dragonfly is a boy or a girl?

The boys have brighter colors, the girls are brown most of the time. The boys are blue, green, red, white...

Do boys like girls with blue eyes?

I'm a boy and I don't trust blue eyed girls. They're sneaky. I like girls with green or grey eyes. Hazel is the best. Brown eyes are boring.

Do boys like girls with blonde hair and blue eyes?

depends on the boy, but if he's blind i dont think he really cares.... yes but i prefer brown haired girls with blue eyes

Do boys like blue eyes or brown eyes more?

Doesn't matter. Eyes do not make or break a girl's beauty. Some girls may be prettier with blue and some may be prettier with brown.

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