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Well, girls mature earlier than boys do.

Girls don't mature faster, neither do boys, this is just conventional nonsense being passed down the generations, there is no study to support it, what I believe this statement implies is --- women are craving for all things relationship and love, much earlier in their lives than boys, which is quite simply a female thing, just like teen girls dream about having babies, MATURITY IS NOT TO BE FOUND IN THE ESTROGENIC BEHAVIOR, BUT IN THE MIND.

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No, I think that boys reach it quicker than girls. Girls want to hold back when they get to that stage.

Actually, you don't really have a choice when it comes to puberty/sexual maturity.

Boys generally reach puberty later than girls, and finish later as well.

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Puberty in girls occurs ages 10 to 11, or 11 to 12 in boys, although there are some cases when it is earlier or later.

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Q: Do boys mature faster then girls?
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Who thinks faster boys or girls?

I think girls because they grow more mature and faster , than boys .

Are girls mentally more mature than boys?

Yes, girls do mature faster than boys, girls brains develop faster than boys. Girls have mature brains at about 20, boys at around 25. This fact does not affect the abilities or character of either; other factors affect those and are not gender specific.

Are girls more mature than boys?

yes.girls do mature way faster then boys. girls mature between 18,19,or 20.i think boys mature when they are like 26 or close to their 30's. I dont think so and im a girl boys just dont mature faster. My sister is in 8th grade and all the boys there are immature and she and all her friends are mature.

Are girls better at school than boys?

Because girls mature faster than boys because they have more problems in life to mature with. But boys don't really care bout those kinds of problems.

Why are girls more mature than boys?

it depends on who you ask girls usually say yes guys usually say no im a guy and i say yes because i know guys and they aren't to bright sometimes lol i thought u asked ARE they more mature my bad

Are fifteen-year-old girls on the same level of maturity as boys their own age?

No girls always mature faster then boys its a proven fact

Who is smarter the sister or the brother?

probably the sister, because girls mature faster than boys

Are boys typically smarter than girls?

No definite answer everybody is different but girls mature faster, but that doesn't make them smarter....

Do some boys mature faster than others?

Yes, some boys do mature faster than others. Part of it has to do with the boy's family life, and part of it has to do with personality. People don't mature at the same rate. Personally I have known several boys who's maturity level is higher than both the boys and girls their age.