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Q: Do boys stop growing when they have hair on there legs?
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How can you stop the hair on your legs growing back so quickly?

try waxing them

Why does your hair never stop growing?

Why does your hair never stop growing?

Does waxing at a young age stop hair from growing on legs?

Not one bit, in fact hair removal has a tendancy to cause a more robust hair growth when the hair returns.

How can you prevent hairy legs?

One can prevent hairy legs by waxing or shaving on a regular basis. One can also have laser therapy to permanently stop the hair from growing on one's legs.

What makes hair stop growing?

Malnutrition is often what makes hair stop growing. Hair growth also decreases as a person ages and some hereditary disorders will cause hair to stop growing.

When does the human's hair stop growing?

All the hair nevers stop growing. It sheds and grows back.

Why are boys taller then girls?

because females stop growing around 15-16 years of age and boys stop growing around 17-21 so in this case boys have 2-6 more years of growing growing!!

How do you stop growing hair on your legs?

There arnt many ways to stop it completely. A person can have laser hair removal and over a coarse of many months/years it will eventually stop growing, but that can be very expensive. A person can wax their legs and that can last 2x longer than shaving. Many people say that if a person waxes an area enough, the hair will stop growing back. But for an inexpensive long term solution, try Nair hair removal--it can last up to 8 weeks and will stay on in the shower without washing away until u remove it so it isn't even a hastle.

Does hair stop growing?

Hair will stop growing after growing till a certain length.for people who don't eat a proper diet hair growth will eventually slow down.

When will a 15 year old boy stop growing?

Boys tend to take longer to finish growing then girls. Boys typically do not stop growing until their early twenties.

If you put spit on your hair will it stop growing?

No. What a silly idea. Your hair will never stop growing. It even grows after you die.

Does body hair stop growing?

It doesn't really ever stop growing.

At the age of eighteen does your height stop growing?

Most boys stop growing between 18 and 21 and most girls stop growing between 16 and 19. But all children, especially boys, are done growing between 18 and 21

When you wax your legs will you eventually stop growing hair?

No; you are only removing the hair, not the cell (follicle) which grows the hair. Waxing your legs doesn't prevent hair growth; it just rips off the hair down to the skin. The hair follicles underneath do not get ripped out, so they grow back the hair that you ripped off when waxing. Many times, though, the hair will grow back finer and in smaller quantities.

How old are girls when they stop growing?

Girls stop growing at the age of 15 - 16 Boys stop growing at the age of 21 - 25.

How old do girls stop growing?

18 or 16 boys never stop growing

Do boys stop growing at 21?

my dick stopped growing when i was 80.

How can you stop your hair growing?

Pull the hair out from the root.... of hair folical

Is there a disease that you can get th at will stop your legs from growing?


What age does boys stop growing?


How do you stop hair from growing?

you can go have Laser Hair Surgery

Does hair gel make your hair stop growing?


Does your hair stop growing if you get extensions?


Does beeswax stop your hair from growing?


At what age does pubic hair stop growing?