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Yes they hurt when you get them put on your teeth and they hurt when you get them tightened.

I know this as I have braces that the moment but you get used to them quite easily and the pain goes away quite quickly aswell. :)

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โˆ™ 2012-11-17 11:28:50
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Q: Do braces for your teeth hurt?
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Do Bottom braces hurt?

Your teeth are MOVING with braces. So, they WILL hurt.

Do braces hurt when they are being placed on your teeth?

Having braces placed on your teeth does not hurt. As they braces are adjusted periodically, your mouth can be uncomfortable, but tolerable.

Why do braces hurt the next day?

Braces hurt because your teeth are moving, they're getting straight!

Do check retractors hurt when getting braces?

It didn't hurt when i got my teeth whitened so i don't think it will hurt when you get braces

Does tighterning braces hurt?

Getting your braces tightened may hurt depending how crooked your teeth are and how tender your gums are.

Is it normal that your teeth hurt because of braces?


Do brackets hurt when they are on your teeth?

Yes , apparently the braces get stuck between your teeth.

Does it hurt more to have braces or a retainer?

Braces no doubt about it I have mine and they kill my teeth. But I think cuz wen I take them off I will have great teeth But take my word brace hurt

What can you do if the braces hurt?

Not much. Braces will hurt because of the shifting of teeth. Your orthodontist may recommend bonjella to bring down the swelling.

Will it hurt if a boy with braces eats a girl out?

Only if he uses his teeth.

Does getting braces hurt if you have crooked teeth?

Not really The Orthodontist can hurt you putting them in but this is rare. Your teeth can Ache but again this is rare, does not hurt much and will not last long

Do chips hurt if you just got braces?

Yes, my sister says so, she has braces and I have 3 braces on my back teeth. They do hurt to eat with braces the first week, but trust me, you'll get used to it. Hope this helps! :-)

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