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No they don't. Peyton and Lucas have a baby though a girl named Sawyer

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Yes, Lucas Scott left with Peyton Sawyer (SCOTT) AND their new born baby Sawyer Brooke Scott. Hope dis helped u!

SCOTT LUCAS has written: 'ORWELL'

Scott Lucas was born on December 30, 1977.

Lily Roe Scott is the daughter of Karen Roe and the late Keith Scott (Lucas' Uncle)

Scott Wike Lucas Bridge was created in 1936.

Scott Lucas is 33 years old (birthdate: December 30, 1977).

Scott W. Lucas was born on 1892-02-19.

Scott W. Lucas died on 1968-02-22.

No, Peyton's baby does not die. Lucas brings her to the hospital and she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sawyer Brooke Scott.

travis scott when to the high brook school

He left with peyton and their baby. He comes back in season 9 but only for a small scene

Peyton didn't die as she left to live happily-ever-after with Lucas and their baby Sawyer :)

Keith is Lucas' uncle. He is the brother of Lucas' dad Dan Scott.

Scott Lucas was born on December 30, 1977.

Thomas Lucas Scott has written: 'The visions of the Apocalypse and their lessons' -- subject(s): Bible, Criticism and interpretation

Brook trout eat algae, catisflies, and black flies. I somehow ended up with baby brook trout, too. And if you are fishing, just use worms because you will only catch grown-up trout.:)

Stevie Lucas died in a police shootout. Stevie Lucas is a character in a 2007 movie called American Gangster. It was directed by Ridley Scott.

Brooke Davis Peyton SawyerNathan ScottLucas ScottHaley James Scott

Okay well, Lucas and Peyton had their baby in season 6 and they moved away, Karen had her baby (Lily Rose Scott) and is traveling with Andy (Her boyfriend) I hope this helped you!

First of all, One Tree Hill isn't a movie, it is a tv series. Lucas Scott found out that his Dad, Dan Scott murdered Keith Scott, his uncle. Lucas is feeling sad and alone. He is depressed but mostly angry. Throught out season 4, he tries to fid out who killed him.

brooke adopts a baby and over the baby her and lucas become bery close ut then the baby is taken away from her a women collects the baby from brooke at the airport and lucas is then there after to comfert her.

There isn't a famous Brooke Lucas. Though a couple in One Tree Hill are named Brooke (Davis) and Lucas (Scott). Who have been in the series from day one.

Lucas Scott. Nathan Scott. Brooke Davis. Peyton Sawyer. Haley James Scott.

no. both Peyton and the baby survive.

Yes, half-brother, Nathan Scott.

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