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Do brown eyes see better in the sun than blue eyes?


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Does your eye colour influence how you see?

It turns out that it does. The darker the eyes, the more light is absorbed as light waves pass through the eye, and the less light is available to reflect within the eye. Light reflection (scatter) within the eye can cause susceptibility to glare (eg. sun or headlights) and to poor contrast discernment. Thus it seems that people with darker eyes may have better vision in high-glare situations - perhaps this makes them better night drivers, for example.

Eye colour may also affect your colour vision. Here it seems that lighter eyes may provide some advantages.

So it seems to me that blue-eyed people should really go for dark-eyed partners - this way one can pick the paint colours, and the other can drive home at night.

By Sandra Prather


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k after like the first sentence of this answer i just got lost!!!

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Yes they are way better and hotter.

Brown eyes offer better protection against ultraviolet rays than blue eyes. This is because they have more melanin in the eye.

No, The darker the colour the stronger the eyesight!

No and yes! Brown eyes see better in the sun just as well as blue. Brown eyes happen to shine like blue but brown leaves a very pretty gold shade and the blue is going to look like a teal but depending on the colors in her/his eyes or a lighter shade of blue. They both have their unqiue flare!

noYes blue eyes are cute. They are way better than brown eyes. That's easy to see. They are just simply prettier. Brown eyes are dull. no that's very girly that's for girls not man or boy

Blue eyes are caused by a different gene than brown eyes.

Yes, the gene for brown eyes is more dominant than the one for blue eyes

Blue eyes are recessive to brown eyes. So if the mother is heterozygous for brown eyes then it is possible for the child to have blue eyes. However if the mother is homozygous for brown eyes than the child will have brown eyes. Since both parents are brunettes, the child will definitely have brown hair as well.

Brown eyes (represented by a capital B) are the dominant gene and blue eyes (represented by a lowercase b) are not so common. To get blue eyes from having parents with brown eyes, it just means that your parents have one brown gene and one blue, normally from their parents or grandparents. The brown is dominant so that's what you see, but that means that you have can have BB (brown), Bb (brown), or bb (blue).

As people with brown eyes have the more dominant gene which is stronger than those with blue eyes.

auburn hair and green eyes is more rare than brown hair with blue eyes

It really depends on the persn. People say brown eyes are more independent and blue eyes are kinda needy. It's an opinion

It all depends on the genes, but the brown eye gene is more dominant than blue eyes. It also depends on your ethnicity. If you have a brown-blue gene chances are you'll have at least one child with blue or coloured eyes.

Green eyes are more rare than blue eyes. Brown eyes are the dominant characteristic, so they're not rare at all. Green eyes are rare, because it tends to occur when a brown-eyed/green-eyed couple have a baby. Most of the time, that baby will have brown eyes (since brown eyes are dominant). However, sometimes, the baby can have green eyes.

It is possible, but less likely than a brown-eyed result. The reasons for this are actually a little more complex than the simplified answer given here, but the summarised explanation is as follows. Eye colour (together with most of our characteristics) is dictated by dominant and recessive genes. Brown is a dominant colour and blue is recessive, i.e. brown "wins" in a direct contest with blue. For two brown-eyed parents to create a blue-eyed offspring, they must BOTH be carrying the recessive blue-eyed gene. If NEITHER or only ONE of them carries the recessive blue gene, there is no chance of a blue-eyed offspring, since the possible combinations would be: Male parent - Female parent = Offspring ___ ___ ___ Brown - Brown = Brown Brown - Blue = Brown Blue - Brown = Brown However, if BOTH parents are carrying the recessive blue gene, it is reasonably obvious that there is a 1 in 4 chance of a blue-eyed offspring, as follows: Male parent - Female parent = Offspring ___ ___ ___ Brown - Brown = Brown Brown - Blue = Brown Blue - Brown = Brown Blue - Blue = Blue As I say, this is simplified and genetics works in a more complex way than this! Still, this is essentially the reason why two brown-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed offspring, but it is less likely than a brown-eyed one. I hope this answers your question? If the female dogs eyes are brown, and the male dogs eyes are brown, it is likely to make a puppy with brown eyes. Although it is possible for the puppy to have blue eyes if the parents ancestors had blue eyes.

More than likely blue at first then changing to a brown or browny-blue. Most babies start off with blue eyes, but blue is a recessive however brown is a dominent gene. A baby's eyes are first blue because they have not developed fully yet. they then change color or stay the same after three months. it is more likely that the baby would have brown eyes. it also depends on your parents eyes and his parents eyes. if most of them have brow. the baby would most likely have brown eyes.

Yes, it is more uncommon than a brown person with dark eyes, but it is quite possible.

Yes, my parents have brown eyes but I have hazel!Answer 2Yes, it is possible for blue eye parents to have a child with brown eyes. The gene, or genes for blue eyes are recessive. While the gene, or genes for brown eyes are dominate because the gene or genes for blue eyes is recessive and both of your parents must also carry the recessive gene for blue eyes. - MH01No, this is impossible,parents both only have the recessive and you CAN'T carry the dominant one because than the parents would have had brown eyes instead of blue,

The brown hair gene is dominant over the blond hair gene as is brown eyes over blue. If these two were to have children, the chances of the child having brown hair and brown eyes is greater than the chances of the child having blond hair and blue eyes.

the baby will most likely have brown hair and blue eyes because brown hair is the dominate hair color gene over red hair and blue eyes are more dominate of a gene than green eyes

because the colour is darker therefore you can see more clearly as it is a purer colour than blue

It is possible for the child's eyes to be any colour - blue, green, black, brown... more than likely a mixture or a aquamarine blue with a hint of green, surprisingly green is a recessive gene to brown and blue, my mom had brown eyes an my dad had green so i have brown, and my friends mother had green eyes an her father had sky blue an there child had blue eyes my friend an her other siblings had aquamarine..itsa verry good mixture !

any eye color is prettier than dark brown or black

There is no correlation between the need for glasses, and the color of your eye. Brown eyes (in particular eyes of African descent) are more prone to glaucoma, blue eyes are more prne to macular degeneration.

this is because the gene for blond hair was more domite than the brown. also with the eyes blue eyes was more domite than green eyes

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