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No. Research indicates that they do have some ability to distinguish between different colors (specifically between blue and green), but they do not see colors "the same way humans do"... except, possibly, for humans with certain kinds of color blindness.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-21 22:57:49
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Q: Do bunnies see colors like humans do?
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Do bunnies see in color?

Well no body really knows but scientists think very strongly that they can't see in color, but bunnies do respond to bright colors so maybe they can see in colors.

Can cats see colors that people can't?

no, they see the same colors as us humans seeWell, not in the sense like most people would think. They can see spirits, and they can see colors that most humans don't look for or can't see, like energy. It's not very scientific, but it's true.

What colors do humans see?

The colors that you see are the colors that are being reflected back at you

Are humans color blind?

Some humans can be color blind, yes. They do not see black and white like animals, but see different colors and often get colors mixed up.

Are poodles color blind?

Dogs can't see bright colors like humans do but they can see soft, very light colors of only certain colors, they are limited.

Do wasps see color like humans?

Wasps cannot see the color red. But see much the same colors we do.

What colors do chickens see?

they can see all colors. they can even see ultra-purple and humans can't.

Is a dog colour blind?

Yes and no. They can see certain colors and the combination of those colors. Some colors they cannot see as well. It's not like "Red/Green" color blindness in humans.

What color does a fish see?

the only fish that see colors live in the northern toptopia where they can see colors humans can see

What are the colors that dogs see?

Dogs are red-green colour-blind, like many humans. They can see other colours.

Can dogs see just as humans can?

Tests show that some dogs do not see the total visible spectrum that humans see, though there are no tests on all species. They see some colors. They see in 3D like we do.

What colors can fruit flies see?

Fruit flies do not see colors in the way that humans do. They have specialize vision that allows them to see shades but not colors directly.

Are humans colorblind?

Of course not. they can see as much colors as human, the colors of the rainbow.

Can a baby see colors?

Yes, all humans once the eyes are developed can see colors. If there was light in the womb a baby would be able to see colors.

How do humans see different wavelengths of light?

As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.

Do animals see colour like you do?

it's hard to tell exactly. Primates probably have very similar color vision to humans. (some) Birds and insects see more colors than humans. Cats, dogs and livestock sees fewer/weaker colors than humans.

Do cats see all the colors you humans do?


Can yellow labs see in color?

Labradors or any other dogs can see some colors but not all. As humans we see many more colors than dogs. Dogs can see colors like blue, light blue, gray, light yellow, darker yellow and very dark gray. So to answer the question, dogs can see colors, but not as many as we can.

What colors can gerbils see?

Gerbils are not color blind so they can see pretty much all the colors humans see

is there a color we cannot see but exists?

Humans can see around a million colors. There are more than 100 million colors.

Are Crickets color blind?

Indeed they are color blind, they cannot see colors that humans can see. But they can see the ultraviolet rays of the sun, that us humans can see.

Is a bunny omnivore herbivore or carnivore?

Bunnies are Herbivores. You see, Bunnies are like wild rabbits. With normal Rabbits the eat like Coleflower and Carrots etc.

Do bunnies like swimming?

Some do. See the link for one example.

Can birds see in color?

Yes. They can actually see in more vibrant colors then humans can.

Do cockatiels see colors?

Yes they do they see color better than us humans