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Calla lilies need full sun for most of the day.

Additionally, in order for Calla Lilies to perform better there are a couple more steps or precautions you should know.

1. Place where they are sheltered from prevailing winds.

2. Calla Lilies like a warm top and a cool bottom, therefore find a place where the lower portion if in a pot is shaded, same with planting in a garden. I have mine beside my well house on the northeast corner so the roof of the well house provides shade for only the ground under the plant, its perfect. The bulb of your plant should not reach much beyond 77 degrees, or you will risk the plant going into stress which could cause the bulbs to rot. Just remember hot headed calla lily, that is how I can remember the top likes hot and the root cool. Just be warned that placing them in full shade can cause slow growth, and colors that are not their full potential as light is critical.

3. The soil must stay moist. This can be best maintained if the potting mix is that of peat or compost rich which will hold moisture. Water at once a week, or more often if necessary. Adding pine bark, or wood chips on bed around plants will also help retain moisture.

4. pH is best at 6.5

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Q: Do calla lillies do best in sun or shade and do they need special food?
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