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Do calories make you fatter?

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Calories are a measure of food energy. If you burn up that energy with exercise then you loose calories. If you are inactive, then your body stores those calories as fat. So calories only make you fatter if you don't exercise.

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Does beer make you fatter than whiskey?

All alchohal has calories beer has more carbohydrates

Do fats have calories?

Fats have a lot of calories which make you a lot fatter. One gram of fat has nine calories, on the other hand a gram of protein has four calories, as does a gram of carbohydrates.

Can pantyhose make you fatter?

No it doent make you fatter it's a myth!!!

Do calories get you fat?

The more calories that you ingest, the fatter you get (but ths also depends on how much you move around/exercise).

Could you make a sentence with the word fatter in it?

A whale is fatter than a porpoise.

Does marijuana make you fatter?


Does crying make you fatter?

No -___-

What can you do to make your legs fatter?

i honestly would not want my legs fatter... but you can eat a lot

Do ribs make you fatter?

it's all about calories, if you have ribs once a week and eat healthy otherwise than no. if you eat it every night than yes, they certainly will

How do you make your fingers fatter?

Do some fingering do it with your Girl friend it will thicken your skin then it will look fatter.

How do you make your thighs fatter?

McDonalds. ;)

Does peanut butter make you fatter?


Does whisky have carbs?

All liguor has carbs and calories to boot! The more liqour you drink, the fatter you get! Hello!

How can you make someone get fatter?

Force them to eat!

Will donuts make your butt fatter?


How can you get fatter?

You would have to consume more calories per day then you lose in a day.ex: If you eat 5000 calories and you only burn 4500 then you would be consuming more calories and slowly it will add up and you will get bigger.

How can you make your butt fatter?

Eating fats and carbs.

How do you make legs stronger and fatter?


How do you make a penguin fatter on Club Penguin?

you cant

How can you make your legs fatter?

Eat junk food.

Does smoking make you skinnier?

No , makes u fatter

Does missing a meal make you fatter?

No, it makes you skinnier.

What does compress mean?

make a muscle shorter a fatter

How many calories does blue bell vanilla ice-cream have?

It has about 156 calories (678 KJ) So if u eat like 3 icecreams u might get fatter

What does butt augmentation mean?

To make your butt larger. Add to it. Make it fatter.