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Do carnations come back year after year?

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Carnations are perennials, but many people grow them as annuals.

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Do carnations come back next year?

Perpetual ones do. Most are perennial.

Where did carnations come from?


What months does the scarlet carnation bloom?

Carnations bloom in the summer but florists have a source of carnations year round.

What months do carnation bloom?

Carnations bloom in the summer. However florists have sources of carnations all year long.

Will brady come back next year?

He will come back next year

How far back do you trim a carnation?

Carnations need trimming.

Where is rock come back?

The Rock will come back this year

Do chilli plants come back next year?

Pepper plants are annuals that do not come back from year to year.

Do carnations have thorns?

No, carnations do not have thorns.

What year is the undertaker coming back?

I think he will come back this year.

Do carnations have seeds?

Yes carnations have seeds When the flower has finished blooming there will remain seed pods where the flower was just save these and dry them and you can plant them next year.

What are flowers that come back each year called?

Plants that come back each year are called perennials.

What year will jeff hardy come back?

He propabaly won't come back

When does elf on the shelf come back?

The Elf can come back anytime of the year.

How do carnations reproduce?

Carnations do reproduce by seed.

When was The Carnations created?

The Carnations was created in 1995.

What is a spray carnation?

Spray carnations are miniature carnations.

How are carnations grown?

Carnations are fairly easy to grow.

What is the collective noun for carnations?

There is no standard collective noun specifically for carnations. The standard collective nouns for flowers can be used: a bouquet of carnations; a bunch of carnations.

What are adaptations for carnations?

Carnations smell good which attract pollinators.

Are carnations flowering plants?

Yes carnations are flowering plants.

How are carnations pollinated?

Butterflies are known to pollinate carnations.

What type of plants come back year after year?


How fast does it take for a carnation to grow?

Carnations grown from seed will bloom in their second year.

Plants that come back every year?

St. Augustine grass is a plant that comes back every year. Other plants and flowers that come back every year include daisies and roses.

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