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yes, all cars do have a warranty for each of there different parts.

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Q: Do cars have warranty after purchase from quality motors?
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What is General Motors objective?

General Motors' objective is to sell more cars and to create a profit for their shareholders. They also want to produce quality cars.

What kind of cars can one get at eastern motors?

At eastern motors, you can purchase a great variety of cars, from affordable vehicles to luxury cars like BMW. You can also get both used and new cars there.

Is there a warranty for used cars?

You can still purchase a warranty for a used car. Also, sometimes "used" cars are actually still relatively new, and even are still covered by the factory warranty. Ask the sales person about warranties for all cars you are looking at.

How can I obtain a used car warranty?

You can purchase a used car warranty most of the time for used cars. You do not have to do anything separately to get one - usually when you talk to financing at the dealership they will go over the warranty at the same time of the car sale. You can purchase a warranty without any issue on cars made within the last 5 years.

Who is likely to purchase a car warranty?

New cars are sold with a warranty, so any buyer can take advantage of it in case something happens that is covered under the warranty within a given time frame. Some also purchase an extended warranty to lengthen the period of coverage.

Why did Nissan motors in India failed?

Because they send first quality cars to others country then low quality of paint has been painted which cars selling in India for this reasons the company fall

Where can one purchase SEAT Altea cars?

One can purchase SEAT Altea cars from a number places. There are many available to buy from 'Auto Trader' as well as 'AOL Autos' and from 'eBay Motors'.

Are all handicap cars modified after purchase?

Some companies such as General Motors do make handicap cars available to purchase. However with most makes and models, you will have to get the dealer to modify the car for you at an additional cost.

What are the benefits to using eBay Motors?

The benefits of using Ebay Motors include: coverage under the eBay Motor Vehicle Purchase Protection; eBay Motors has a financing division; can look for cars in the comfort of your home.

Can I purchase a 2006 after-market warranty for a 2006 Lexus?

Yes, there are many companies that offer aftermarket warranties for used cars as well as cars whose factory warranty has expired. Your 2006 Lexus is a vehicle that is covered.

Where can one purchase cars similar to the Dodge Neon?

Someone can purchase cars similar to the Dodge Neon from Auto Trader where there are many such vehicles available to buy. One can also get them from AOL Autos and eBay Motors.

What General Motors cars are not manufactured in the USA?

what cars that general motors sells are not manufactured in the Unites states?

What company makes Camaros cars?

The company that makes Camaro's cars is Chevrolet who themselves are a division of General Motors. One can find Chevrolet Camaro's to purchase from Auto Trader.

How do cars drive?


What types of warranties are available on used cars?

In addition some used cars that are Certified will come with a warranty and that warranty may be even better than a new car warranty. Honda offers a 8 year 70,000 mile warranty on Certified Used Honda's in my area of the country.Depending on the age of the car it may still be under factory warranty. Many dealerships also offer extended warranties that are available for purchase.

Where are PMSM motors used?

PMSM motors are used in hybrid cars

Are there warranties available for cheap cars for sale?

If you would like a warranty on a used car you will need to purchase a certified used car. Normally these cars have good warranties (especially Honda) and are not expensive. Another way to do this is buying from Carmax. Their MaxCare warranty on used cars is great and the prices are great as well.

Where can someone purchase Ford diesel cars?

Ford diesel cars can be purchased at most Ford dealerships. They can also be found online from private traders on Autotrader, eBay Motors or on Craigslist.

Is the sentence Honda motors sell cars grammatically correct?

Honda Motors sells cars. correct with a period at the end :)

What do most RC cars use to drive their motors?

Most RC cars use Nitro RC fuel to drive their motors.

Where can Hondas for sale be found?

Honda automobiles for sale can be found on eBay Motors, Aol Motors, Cars, Autotrader, and Yahoo! Autos. Local newspapers and dealerships may also have the Honda an individual is looking to purchase.

Where can one purchase RC drift cars?

You can buy RC drift cars at the website called KYOSHO, they have the best cars in the market! You can find excellent quality cars there. The RC drift cars are not just a "toy" they are really expensive.

The Motor of Electric Cars?

One of the reasons electric cars have risen in popularity is due to their motors. The motors of electric cars are powered by an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine. The motors of electric cars allow you to save money on gasoline and still accelerate at high speeds.

What does General Motors do?

General Motors is a Detroit-based company that produces cars and trucks.

Where is it possible to buy cars from Emerson motors?

Emerson Motors is a used car dealership located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It is also the name of a Chevrolet and Buick dealership selling new cars in Auburn, Maine, USA and of a Chevrolet dealership in Emerson, Arkansas, USA. So one could purchase a car from Emerson Motors in any of these locations. The manufacturing company Emerson Motors does not make or sell automobiles.