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Do category 8 ocean view state rooms on a Disney cruise have a mini fridge?

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Yes they do.

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Ocean village cruise?

=An ocean village cruise is a company that makes big cruise liners.=

Where could one get on the Ocean Village Cruise?

The Ocean Village cruise line operated from 2003 until 2010 when the Ocean Village cruise ship was transferred over to P&O Cruises Australia. Because Ocean Village is no longer a company it is impossible to get on the Ocean Village Cruise.

What is another name for an ocean trip?

Another name for Ocean Trip is Cruise.

Where can you go on an ocean village cruise?

You can go on an ocean village cruise anywhere where there is a seaside town or resort. Locations include the Mediterranean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the part of speech in the word cruise?

It can be a verb or a noun. As a verb you would "Cruise down to the corner." As a noun you would 'Take an ocean cruise."

How do you use the word cruise in a sentence?

They went for a 2 week ocean cruise heading to the Caribbean Sea.

Is Disney World by an ocean?

It is about 70 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean.

Would a desert or an ocean cool more faster at night Why?

an ocean unless the cake is in your fridge on high

What are ocean liners?

An Ocean liner is a large cruise ship that was invented in the early 1900's

What is a cruise liner?

A cruise liner is a vessel designed for regular open ocean travel, as opposed to a cruise ship which is designed to cruise primarily close to shore (though they do sometimes venture into the open ocean). The largest cruise liner is the Queen Mary 2, which is 150,000 Gross Registered Tons, and carries over 3000 passengers. It regularly makes crossings of the Atlantic Ocean between New York City and Southampton, England.

Where can one view images of the Ocean Village cruise ship?

One can view images of the Ocean Village cruise ship from the following sources: The Ocean Village website, YouTube, Holiday Watchdog, Simplon Postcards, Ship Technology.

Are there any ocean liners still in operation and if there are what are they?

There are many ocean liners in operation. Google "cruise ships."

Where can you watch Pikachu's Ocean Adventure?

you have this in the wrong category

What ocean or bay is Disney World close to?


What is the weight of an ocean liner?

Cruise ships weigh thousand of tons.

What is the difference between ocean liner and cruise ship?

Cruise ships are mainly for get aways and touring the ocean. Ocean liners are large, longer ships that carry people across the ocean as a means of transport from one port to another. (Ex. Titanic was an ocean liner because it's purpose was the Trans-Atlantic route, which is the route from UK to US and back. People who don't know what they are talking about say Titanic was a cruise ship which is entirely false.

What is another name for a large boat apart from cruise ship?

Another name for a large (boat) ship apart from a cruise ship would be passenger ship and above that would be ocean liner. An ocean liner and a cruise ship are two different types of passenger ships.

What has the author Anne Vipond written?

Anne Vipond has written: 'Alaska by cruise ship' -- subject(s): Cruise ships, Guidebooks, Ocean travel 'Panama Canal By Cruise Ship'

What do cruise ships do with sewage?

They dump it untreated or minimally treated in the ocean. Think of that people go on cruises to enjoy the beauty of nature and their sewage (several thousand people per cruise) goes directly into the ocean.

Which is the best room on cruise ship?

Obviously the suites are the most luxurious stateroom on the cruise. But the most comfortable and affordable room is the ocean-view.

How fast is an ocean liner?

Speed is no longer a design criteria for cruise ships.

How heavy is the cruise ship Oceana?

77,499 GRT (previously Ocean Princess)

How long does it take to cross the Atlantic Ocean by cruise ship?

8 months

Which stateroom is best on a cruise?

The most comfortable and affordable is the ocean view stateroom.

How far is the ocean from Disney World?

About an hour without traffic

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