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Yes, they do interbreed. If you have a litter of kittens of males and females, you must have them all fixed or you'll have a litter from each female.

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Brothers and sisters, of any species of animal, cannot breed.

yes, they can but you should of course try to avoid it.

yes, of course. my cats Sam & Samantha did (without me knowing) and now have twins!

Yes it is possible for brothers and sisters to have babies from 7 weeks old so if you breed them, separate them.

You should never breed siblings, be they of the same litter or not. The genetic combination can be harmful, and thus bred cats are usually more vulnerable to sicknesses and are physically weaker.

your moms sisters brothers dogs pets great aunts brothers cats sister in-law husbands sexy brothers dog

The breed of cats that look like a fox is the Somali breed. These cats were created by the Abyssinian cat breed.

Bombay cats have a large population and quantity of felines in the breed.

I dont think you can breed them....

Yeah, they can. So long as you don't breed the brother and sister's duckling to their own brothers and sisters and so on, they won't have any defects

no you cant breed on nintendogs + cats. you can breed on the first one though. if you need to know how, comment on the disscussion and ill change my answer.

No. The Jonas Brothers do not have a sister.

Cats breed. In fact, all living things breed. The fact is, every specie reproduces to keep their kind alive and generating. Put simply, Cats breed to make more cats.

Most cats do not belong to any particular breed. Coat color/pattern does not determine breed.

Can a brother and sister have a baby? Yes, it's called incest. So that answers your question. As long as one is male and onle is female, they can breed. Cats won't breed with their children, but dogs tend to, not always, but they can.

Yes, they can. If fertile cats live together, when the female gets in heat the male will mate her. It doesn't matter if it's mother/son, father/daughter, brother/sister or whatever. Fertile cats will always mate!

They are not a breed but a fur pattern.

You might make a small cat by breeding two small cats and producing offspring. Often, a small breed will produce other small breed cats.

She has three brothers and a sister? she has 3 brothers and 1 sister

The coat pattern of calico cats does not define any breed, calico occurs incidentally in cats.

the Jonas brothers do not have a sister. They have little brother.

Jonas Brothers don't have a sister

You can breed any type of cats, be they the same breed or different, as long as there are a male and female and both are old enough.

Calico is a color not a breed

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