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No. Menopause is the period when women stop menstruating, and since cats do not menstruate in the first place, they cannot go through menopause. Only primates, such as humans and chimps, menstruate. (Cats will bleed a little while in heat, but this is part of the estrous cycle, which is not the same. Estrus in cats is closer to the period right after menstruation in humans.) They don't even go through menopause in the sense of ceasing to experience estrus; cats remain fertile throughout life.

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Q: Do cats go through menopause
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When does a cat reach menopause?

Female cats don't go through menopause.

Do men go through menopause?

Typically, it is women that go through menopause. However, the science community has had trouble confirming whether men go through menopause or not.

Will I still go through menopause with a partial hysterectomy?

If you still have your ovaries, you should go through menopause at the normal time for you. With a full hysterectomy, you will experience "surgical menopause."

When do female cats stop being fertile?

Female cats will breed until they die. They are not like humans and go through menopause. The cats will actively be in heat each month no matter the age of the cat.

Is it healthier to go through menopause in your fifties?

That is usually the time people go through menopause. Between 48-52.

Do female dogs go through menopause and will you cause aggressive behavior around other female dogs?

no they dont go through the menopause

Does men go through menopause?


Can you still go through menopause even after getting a full hysterectomy?

You go instantly into menopause after a hysterectomy. That is why when young women do it they have to eat hormones after.

Can you have a hysterectomy after you go through menopause?

You can and should.

Is it possible no to go through menopause?

short answer is no.....

Do women who have had hysterectomys go through menopause?


Do you lose your eyelashes when go through menopause?

Not normally, no.

Do dogs go through menopause if so When?


Can you go through menopause after a full hysterectomy?

Yes the hysterectomy alone is removal of the uterus and it is the ovaries failing as you get older that causes menopause. Youl will go into immediate menopause if you have you ovaries removed and are premenopausal

When does menopause occur?

On average, menopause occurs at 51 years of age. This is only an average, and many women go through menopause earlier or later than that. It can occur anywhere between 40 and 60 years of age. If it is earlier than 40, then it is considered early menopause. Some women go through menopause because of surgery or because it's chemically induced. Women who smoke tend to go through menopause a little earlier than others. Menopause is said to occur after 12 consecutive months with no period.

How can you get rid of menopause?

Menopause is a process that we all go through and not a disease. You can use supplements to curb menopause symptoms and herbal/natural supplements are safe as they do not have side effects.

What stops periods?

When you go through menopause or you get a specific surgery

When do women menopause?

Women go through through menopause when their body runs out of eggs to fertilize, and their periods cease. Since everybody has their own biological clock, it happens to different women at different stages of their life. Usually women go through menopause in their 50s-60s, but there are many exeptions to that.P.S. 'Menopause' is not a verb.

At what age does a woman usually go through menopause?

A woman usually goes through menopause between the ages of forty five and fifty five years old. On average, women experience menopause after age 50, or, to be precise, a majority get it at age 51.

Can you go through menopause AT AGE 41?

Yup I've heard about......

Do dogs go through menopause?

Females do not go through menopause though sometimes there may be a cessation in heat cycles for a period of time and then they can start back up again. As a female ages, her fertility does drop off but she will not go through menopause as humans do. It is also possible for senior dogs to become pregnant. Dropping off of fertility with age does not mean she cannot become pregnant.

Does a female dog go through menopause?

No, menopause is a primate-only event in which menstrual cycles become erratic and then cease. As dogs do not have menstrual cycles, they do not go through menopause. Dogs have estrus cycles, and under certain conditions can go through a period of anestrus when they stop having estrus cycles. Late in life, a female dog may permanently go into anestrus, but this is not all that common.

Definition of menapause?

Menopause is a period of time when a woman's body changes and her periods stop. Women who go through menopause can no longer conceive.

What gender is most likely to have gout?

Between men and women males are more likely to have it before women go through menopause. After women have gone through menopause they are equally likely to get it.

Can women go through menopause and have hot flashes more than once in their life?

You can certainly go through seasons & cycles & have hot flashes at different times in your life but Menopause is a one way trip.