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Yes, cats have 6 tonsils, aka adenoids. "In general, cats don't gag as often as dogs. The one exception is when an upcoming hair ball hits the throat. Cats will gag once or twice, then throw it up. Tonsillitis can also cause problems. "Cats have six tonsils, so imagine how it would feel if they were infected," says Margie Scherk, D.V.M., a veterinarian in private practice in Vancouver, British Columbia.",,ljxx,00.html Beware of photos in next link!!!!!!!!

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Q: Do cats have tonsils
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Do cats have tonsils and adenoids?

Cats do have tonsils, 6 to be exact.

Where are a cats tonsils?

the back of their mouth

Do animals have tonsils?

Yes, some animals do have tonsils. In addition to humans, cats, dogs, rats, sheep, and horses all have tonsils.

Where the cat tonsils and what are they called?

Cats have four pair of tonsils and they are located at the very back of their throat. They are called lingual, paraepiglottic, pharyngeal, and palantine.

What are the three types of tonsils and where are they located?

Pharryngeal Tonsils, Tubal Tonsils and Palatine Tonsils.

Do cats get infected tonsils or tonsillitis?

Yes my cat had it and i took her to the vets they gave her penicillin. She lost her appetite but she was fine.

What type of tonsils are there?

Tonsils, palatine tonsils and Waldeyer's ring. Tonsils are part of the lymphatic (Immune System)

What tonsils are known as adenoids?

The nasopharyngeal tonsils are known as the adenoids. What we usually refer to as "tonsils" are the palatine tonsils.

What are Types of tonsils?

Tonsils, palatine tonsils and Waldeyer's ring. Tonsils are part of the lymphatic (Immune System)

How many sets of tonsils does a human have?

The number of tonsils in the human body depends on what location you are asking about, but in the mouth and throat there are 4 sets; the pharyngeal tonsils, tubal tonsils, palatine tonsils, and lingual tonsils. If you are talking about other structures that are named tonsils, there are many others such as the cerebellar tonsils.

What are the three types of tonsils?

The three types of tonsils are: Palantine tonsils - These are the most commonly removed tonsils, located at the back of your throat. Lingual tonsils - These tonsils are located underneath your tongue. Pharyngeal tonsils or Adenoids - These tonsils are located behind your nasopharyngeal area, higher in your throat near your nose.

Palatine tonsils and adenoids are synonymous?

Palatine tonsils and adenoids are NOT synonymous. Palatine tonsils, sometimes called faucial tonsils, are found at the back of the throat. Adenoids are the pharyngeal tonsils, located in the back of the nasal cavity.

Where are the tonsils located?

the tonsils are located in the pharynx.

What are tonsils used for?

Tonsils are not used anymore

What tonsils are removed by tonsillectomy?

palatine tonsils

Can you get mono if you have no tonsils?

Yes, you can get mono if you have no tonsils.

What are the tonsils located at the base of the tongue?

lingual tonsils

The tonsils located at the base of the tongue are?

lingual tonsils

What tonsils are located at the back of the tongue?

The lingual tonsils

Are tonsils lymphoid tissue?

Tonsils are lymphoid organs.

Is tonsils singular?

No, it is plural, you have two tonsils in your throat.

The tonsils located at the base of the tongue are the?

lingual tonsils

Does everyone have to get their tonsils out?

NO. Not everyone has to get their tonsils out. The only reason you would have to get your tonsils out is for medical issues such as frequent sore throat.

If the tonsils are taken out can you still get tonsillitis?

No, if you have no tonsils then you cannot have inflamed tonsils.

Is ice-cream bad for your tonsils?

no its really good for your tonsils especially if u just got your tonsils taken out