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No they do not. All chemicals smell much more harsh and stronger to them, and it is not good for them to be around the strong smells. It can hurt their noses too. If they would ever consume a chemical like this, you'd need to take them to a vet immediately. My cat will eat anything it can get its paws on, and it once took in some bleach one time, and he almost died. Also anything like chocolate, butter, salt, or grapes and raisins are toxic as well.

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The above answer isn't entirely correct. In fact, most cats are attracted to the smell of ammonia. Ammonia is often present in bleach and other household cleaners - along with a fatal concoction of other strong chemicals. This is because ammonia is present in a cat's urine, which cats use to mark out territory. Other cats can get a wealth of information about another just by smelling another cat's urine.

Because of this, it is vital to keep bleach and other chemicals in a secure place where cats cannot reach, as even a tiny amount of bleach ingested can easily kill a cat.

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Q: Do cats kittens like the smell of bleach?
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