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All plants attract bugs of some kind.

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How do you take care of cedar bushes?

What is the best soil for a cedar bush in a pot

How do you attract cedar waxwings?

Cedar waxwings eat berries so planting a berry bush/tree may attract Cedar waxwings.

How do you attract bugs?

One way to attract bugs is to pile up logs and they attract bugs that rot them down. I am looking for other ways to attract bugs naturally to ensure my chickens get enough protein.

Do you have to cover cedar bushes in the winter?

Cedar bushes are evergreens. They can survive extremely cold temperatures. Most do not need covered in the winter. Adding an extra layer of mulch can help to protect the roots.

What eats the Eastern red Cedar trees?


What do large flowers with brightly colored petals attract?

They attract bees and can attract other bugs

Does water attract bugs?


Does urine attract bed bugs?


Where are lady bugs found?

On rose bushes or where aphids live

Why do lightning bugs flash?

Lightning bugs flash in order to attract mates.

What colours attract bugs?

black and blue.

Does perfume smell attract bugs?

Yes, it is proven that some perfumes attract bug

Does using candles outside attract unwanted bugs?

Sometimes the scented gel candles can attract not only bugs but dust too. If you're worried about unwanted bugs try using citronella candles which will repel them.

What are lady bugs attracted to?

Lady bugs are attract to aphids. Also they are attracted to dead insects.

How do you attract good bugs like ladybirds?


What do monkeys do to attract other monkeys?

pick bugs

What is the job of the stamin?

to attract bugs for the juice it gives them.

What type of houseplants that keep bugs away?

There are no house that keep bugs away. Venus fly trap plants attract bugs.

Why do plants attract bugs?

Food and shelter are reasons why plants attract bugs. As members of the insect order Hemiptera, bugs find places for feeding, hiding, mating, and resting among plant flowers, foliage, and fruits.

Where can you catch bugs at gaia online?

in the town and sometimes when you shake bushes and trees you can get gold

What is the habitat of a praying mantis?

bushes and tall grasses where there are lots of bugs mantis will thrive.

Why shouldn't you have food in your room?

It will attract bugs such as ants and roaches.

Why does an insectpollinated plant need petals and scent?

To attract the bugs.

What types of flowers attracts bugs?

well colourful flowers attract bees so they should also attract bugs, well bugs as in ladybirds and one like that maybe even grasshoppers. but i would go to an expert to find out more.

What to do with cedar bushes that are very dry and are not responding to watering?

Their roots may be dying out or they may be in soil that has a drainage problem.