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Though it has not YET been proven that cell phones cause cancer, there is evidence that humans are indeed developing brain tumours on the side of the head to which they hold their cell phone. There is also evidence that these sorts of signals DO carry a multitude of health risks beyond brain tumours. (Read 'Cross Currents' by Robert Becker).

Given the fact that young people are using cell phones in such great numbers, it is insane that we are essentially using our children as guinea pigs. It is even more insane that we are using the once a year 'emergency' (I'm coming home late, Mum) as an excuse to radiate our children and feel good about it.

I know two cell phone users with brain tumours so far, and cell phones are relatively new. I find it pathetic that we lived without this technology for so long, yet most cell phone users are so addicted to the novelty, that until they develop a brain tumour themselves, what I post here will make little difference.

There is one company that is doing something about it. Green Planet Armor has a solution to the dangers of Cell Phone radiation. I have read their research and ordered their product. I suggest you look at the research at

Yes, cell phones can cause cancer. Many signals are always travelling from the phone to satellites. these waves and signals can cause cancer. when you answer the phone, you put the phone to your ear, sending harmful rays directly and easily to your brain. however, people who talk on the phone a lot are more likely to get brain cancer.
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Q: Do cell phones pose a cancer risk?
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