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It depends, if you love the sport and love your squad, then yeah!

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Why do cheerleaders do stunts?

Cheerleaders do stunts because they want to show the judges something awesome. There are always fun and new stunts that have never been invented.

Why do people make fun of cheerleaders?

becuase some of them could be jealous. why what do they say r u a cheerlaeder?

Uca cheer camp?

"UCA Cheer Camp" is held by college cheerleaders. These competition cheerleaders give up their time to go around the nation & teach new things. It's very fun.

Can fat people be cheerleaders?

i belive that anyone can be a cheerleader no matter what there size is. cheerleading is for fun so who cares about size

Fun words that start with c?

Some fun words that start with C are:cakecan docarnivalcarouselcelebrationcheerleaderscheeseburgerchoicescontestscookiescupcakecycling

What epuipment do cheerleaders use?

Cheerleaders use pompom's, megaphones, signs, and music. They need the music for the beat so they can do there dance and know the counts. Pompom's are for fun. Megaphones are so they can get your attention. And the signs are for if you can hear what they say, you can see it.

What the possessive form plural for cheerleaders?

The possessive form of the plural noun 'cheerleaders' is cheerleaders'.example: The cheerleaders' practice is at three today.

What is the antecedent for they the cheerleaders?

If 'they' are the 'cheerleaders', then 'cheerleaders' is the noun antecedent. The antecedent is the noun (or pronoun) that a pronoun replaces.example: The cheerleaders are on the field and they are ready to perform.

Does ucla have cheerleaders?

Yes, UCLA has cheerleaders.

What are football cheerleaders called?

Sideline Cheerleaders

What is the plural possessive nouns of cheerleaders?


Which professional sports have cheerleaders?

football has cheerleaders i mean really look at the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders

Should a boy be a cheerleader for Halloween?

he certainly can be! there several male cheerleaders in the world who are just as important and have just as much fun as female's do!

What are a mascot and cheerleaders relationship?

They both focus on school spirit and help engage the audience to become more enthusiastic and have more fun.

How cool are cheerleaders?

cheerleaders are the coolest people in the world.

Do cheerleaders get waxed?

its the cheerleaders choice... wait if you are young

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have cheerleaders?

No. They have not had cheerleaders since 1969.

Why did the ghost join the cheerleaders?

because cheerleaders are hot!

Do WNBA have cheerleaders?

No the WNBA doesn't have cheerleaders, but they do have dancers.

When was The Cheerleaders created?

The Cheerleaders was created in 1973-03.

What is the duration of The Cheerleaders?

The duration of The Cheerleaders is 1.27 hours.

Who is better the cowboys cheerleaders or the redskins cheerleaders?


In which sport do you have cheerleaders?

There are cheerleaders in the sport of American Football.

What skills do cheerleaders have?

do cheerleaders use natural resources

Why is there no cheerleaders in Super Bowl 45?

It is up to the team whether or not they have cheerleaders. Some teams, like the Cowboys and Redskins, choose to have cheerleaders, while others, like the Packers, do not have cheerleaders. It just happens that this year, neither team has cheerleaders.