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Not all chemical formulas represent a compound. Chemical formulas that contain two or more elements represent a compound. Chemical formulas can also represent diatomic molecules, such as H2 or O2. Sulfur is represented by the formula S8.

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A chemical formula represent the chemical composition of a compound.

You can represent the composition of an ionic compound by writing chemical formulas.

Chemical symbols represent chemical elements and chemical formulas represent chemical compounds.

Chemical symbols represent a chemical element.Chemical formulas represent compounds.

That's why chemist use chemical formulas to represent the chemical names of substances in the equation.

we can represent a compound with chemical formula

Chemical formulas consist of chemical symbols and numbers. The symbols represent the elements in the compound. The numbers indicate the quantity of atoms of each element in the compound.

Element do not have chemical formulas these are the preserve of compound made from elements. Elements have symbols (eg the element Gold has the symbol Au) which are used in chemical formulas.

The chemical formula represent the chemical composition of a compound.

The chemical formula represent the chemical composition of a compound.

Chemical formulas are used to represent chemical compounds. It shows the component elements of the compound. Also it shows the ratios of the component elements.

Different chemical formulas represent different chemical substances.

The representative for a chemical compound is the chemical formula.

The chemical formulas are a representation of the chemical composition of a compound.

no chemical formulas only represent an element, something pure

Chemical formulas are a shorthand way to represent chemical compounds. For example, CO2 is quicker to write than carbon dioxide.

Chemical formulas represent the number and element of each type of atom in a molecule.

A chemical formula describe and identify a chemical compound.

Respectively they represent elements and compounds.

The two things chemical formulas tell you about a substance is :the amount of atoms in the compoundthe charge of the atom/compound.

The chemical formula of a compound does not indicate the way that elements are joined in the compound. Chemical formulas tell you the identity of the elements in the compound and the relative proportions of the elements.