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Do chickens lay all year?

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Yes, they lay all year around. They do slow down when they molt.

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Do boy hens lay eggs am trying to say do boy hens lay eggs all year?

Hens are mom chickens and roosters are dad chickens. Only mom chickens, hens, lay eggs. They lay eggs all year.

Do chickens lay eggs in winter?

Yes, they lay eggs all year.

Do all chickens lay egggs?

No. All chickens do not lay eggs, only hens.

Chicken lay eggs in winter?

Chickens lay eggs all year, how else would you get eggs in the winter?

How much eggs do chickens lay everyday?

Each hens averages of one egg a day in the summer and there are a few breeds of chickens that lay all year round

Which breeds of chickens lay eggs?

Female chickens lay eggs. All breeds of chickens lay eggs. That's how they reproduce, so that the species does not go extinct. Although some breeds lay more eggs than others, some lay 350 a year and some only lay 100

Do chickens lay more eggs than eagles?

YES Chickens can lay one egg per day depending on the breed of hen. Chickens can lay all year long depending on conditions.An eagle will lay a clutch of one to three eggs per yearly season.

What season of a year do bird lay there eggs?

Chickens and domestic birds will lay all year but wild birds usually lay their eggs in the spring of the year when temperatures start to climb above freezing.

Do all chickens lay eggs?

The females from all breeds of chickens lay eggs. Some hens stop laying when they are old, but there are no breeds or varieties of chickens in which the females do not lay eggs. Roosters, as the male of the species, never lay eggs.

What chickens lay the best eggs?

All chickens lay the bast eggs. In fact, it depends on happiness and health.

Will chickens want to lay on their eggs after a human touched it?

I have six pet chickens of all different breeds. My chickens will still lay on their eggs after I touch them. They don't seem to care at all.

Can all chicken lay eggs?

All breed and types of chicken can lay eggs, as long as they are female. Some types of chickens can lay upwards of 250 eggs per year, others may only lay a few.

Do other birds lay eggs like chickens?

Yes, almost ALL birds lay eggs, just like chickens do.

Why do chickens lay an egg a day when other birds only lay once a year?

Because chickens are the best type of bird to lay eggs, that's why there so common on farms.

Can a chicken lay a blue egg?

No chickens can lay blue eggs, although country chickens can lay brown eggs and others lay white. The comment above is incorrect, chickens can lay blue eggs. Aruacanas, Ameraucanas and Legbars are all breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs. Depending on the breed, chickens can lay eggs that range from white all the way through to a deep chocolate brown in colour. The colour of the egg that a chicken lays is not determined by where it lives.

Where do chickens lay?

chickens lay there egg in a nest of hay.

Can chickens not lay eggs?

Chickens do lay eggs, if that is what you mean.

Can rhode island chickens lay eggs without a rooster?

Yes All chickens will lay eggs without the need for a rooster. All a rooster does is fetilize the eggs, it does not induce the hen to lay an egg, she will do this anyway.

Why don't meat king chickens lay eggs?

Simple logic: Meat queen chickens lay eggs; meat king chickens lay meat queen chickens.

DO CHICKENS only lay eggs?

1 answer: Well,all female bird lay eggs. not the males. 2 answer:yes chickens only lay eggs, and nothing else (but they do poop)

How may times a year does the bird lay eggs?

Un-answerable question - what bird? Chickens will lay 200+ eggs per year.

Do cornish rock chickens lay eggs well?

No, they are hybrids and therefore do not lay eggs at all.

How many eggs a year does a cream legbar lay?

The Legbar chicken will lay around 180 or more eggs each year. These chickens lay blue eggs which are unique.

Do chickens lay eggs all year long?

Most breeds will unless they get a protein or calcium deficancy. my chickens will stop laying for a short period if there is sudden changes in the weather. -earleykids. :)

How many eggs can chickens lay a year?

About 60 a mounth. So do the MATH!

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