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Do chihuahuas have runny noses?


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February 05, 2020 3:36AM

Ni Chihuahuas are not just like humans. Dogs can have different reasons for a runny nose that is different from humans. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell compared to us and therefor can be effected by things in the air more than we can. Also they drink water from a bowl lapping it up which can cause the water to go in their nose. Simply being out in cold air will not necessarily make a dog get a runny nose because their system does not produce mucus the same as ours does. Also it is a myth if a dog has a dry nose it has a fever or is sick and if they have a moist nose they are well. A dogs health is not that simple.

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September 10, 2007 3:41PM

sometimes just depends if they have been out in the cold or in a cold place they are just like humans.