Chipmunks and Squirrels

Do chipmunks carry rabies?

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Any mammal has the potential to carry rabies, but it is very rare in rodents ie/chipmunks, squirrels, and evidence suggests that wild rodents do not carry the disease to humans.

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Can chipmunks carry rabies?


Do chipmunks have rabies?

They can, but no animal has rabies inherently. An animal must get infected with rabies.

What abilities do chipmunks have?

They can climb, stuff nuts in their mouths, and cannot sing. However they do carry diseases and can carry rabies so do not try to train wild chipmunks and check with your state law to see if you can have them as a pet first!

Can chipmunks give dogs rabies?

Yes. Any mammal can transmit rabies.

Do crows carry rabies?

No. Birds do not carry rabies.

Do wasps carry rabies?

No. Wasps can not and do not carry rabies.

What animals do not carry rabies?

only mammals can carry rabies

Do all racoons carry rabies?

No. All of them do not carry rabies. If all of them carry rabies, all of them would die and there will be no raccoons.

Can dogs carry germs?

They can. They can carry rabies unless they get their rabies shot.

Can hawks carry rabies?

no. I have heard that Grouindhogs do not carry the rabies either.

Do mongoose carry rabies?

All warm blooded animals can carry rabies.

Can chipmunks get rabies?

yes, according to the film Disaster movie they can.

Do chickens carry rabies?

No. Birds do not carry rabies. Chickens can carry other dangerous pathogens such a salmonella.

Can fruit bats carry rabies?

In Australia they don't because there is no rabies there. Bats are mammals , and most mammals can carry rabies.

What diseases do opossums carry?

opossums do not carry rabies because their body temp. is to low for the rabies virus to live.

Is there rabies in mice?

Mice can carry rabies, but it is highly unusual, and there have been no cases of mice transmitting rabies to people. Remember, only mammals can carry rabies.

Do all bats carry rabies?

No, not all bats carry rabies but you still have to be careful.

What are facts about rabies?

Only mammals can get/ carry rabies.

Do insects carry rabies?

No. Rabies is a vertebrate disease.

Can ants have rabies?

No. Only mammals can carry rabies.

What animals do you get rabies from?

All animals can carry rabies, except for the hyena, which is immune to it, but can still carry it.

Do domesticated rats carry rabies?

Domesticated or wild, rats do not carry rabies. That is very rare.

What animal is least likely to carry rabies?

There are many animals that cannot carry the rabies virus, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. Only mammals can carry the rabies virus; of these, the least likely to carry the rabies virus would be the marine mammals.

If you step on a frog will you get rabies?

No, only mammals carry rabies.

Do humming birds have rabies?

No. Birds cannot carry rabies.