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That is exactly correct.

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Is muddy a noun?

No, muddy is a adjective because it describes something. Muddy boy Muddy boots Muddy day

How can thermal pollution be caused by soil erosion?

Thermal pollution can be caused by soil erosion, as the sediments make the water muddy and thus increase light absorbency and thermal pollution

Explain how turbidity currents are related to submarine canyons?

Created by a series of complex processes, submarine canyons continue to be carved by sporadic turbidity currents waterfalls of sand, gravel, and muddy sediments.

What is the hink-pink for a friend who fell in wet dirt?

Muddy Buddy.muddy buddymuddy buddymuddy buddy

Is muddy a singular noun?

No the word muddy is not a noun at all. The word muddy is an adjective.

Is muddy a verb?

Muddy is an adjective in a normal situation, but in British English, you can 'muddy up' something, or 'muddy yourself', so both yes and no.

Is muddy an adjective?

Yes, muddy is an adjective.

Is muddy an adverb?

No, the word muddy is not an adverb. Muddy is an adjective.The adverb form of the word is muddily.

What do you call a muddy bee?

A muddy bee is a ground bee. A muddy bee is bees that live in the ground.

How do you use the word muddy in a sentences?

abounding in or covered with mud sentence:You are so muddy from outside! sentence:Why are you muddy?

What is the comparative form of the word muddy?

Muddier is the comparative of muddy.

In RuneScape what does the muddy key do?

It is used to open the muddy chest

How tall is Muddy Waters?

Muddy Waters is 5' 9".

What part of speech is muddy?

The word muddy is an adjective. It means to be covered with mud. Muddy can also be a verb meaning to get mud on something.

What are some uses of muddy water?

Splashing your friend in a muddy pond.

What did muddy waters do?

Muddy waters was a succesful blues artist and singer.

Is muddy water a homogeneous mixture?

No, muddy water is a heterogeneous mixture.

What are the release dates for Stable Wars - 2013 Muddy Muddy 1-4?

Stable Wars - 2013 Muddy Muddy 1-4 was released on: USA: 26 September 2013

How did muddy waters get his nickname of muddy waters?

His grandmother Della Grant raised him after his mother died shortly after his birth. His fondness for playing in mud earned him the nickname "Muddy" at an early age. He then changed it to "Muddy Water" and finally "Muddy Waters".Answers.com

Is muddy river water an element compound or a mixture?

Muddy river water is a mixture of different materials. The moving river keeps it muddy. If the water stops moving, the muddy material will precipitate and settle to the bottom.

What is muddy beach?

The major reason that beaches differ so much is due to the nature of the material from which they are formed: black beaches are often formed from volcanic rock that is black in color, white beaches are often formed from fragmented coral, muddy beaches may be the result of fine sediments washing down from land or from fine textured offshore deposits. The wave energy will influence the texture. Sandy beaches occur in higher energy environments while muddy beaches occur in lower energy environment. Nirob.

When was Muddy Waters born?

Muddy Waters was born on April 4, 1913.

What is Muddy Waters's birthday?

Muddy Waters was born on April 4, 1913.

Do plants take in muddy water?

No,they do not take in muddy water,as they are flitered by the plant.

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