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Cockatiels and budgies can get along perfectly together if given enough space. You need to make sure their cage is big enough or else they may fight which is bad news for the budgie!

Cockatiels are very docile and sedate, Budgies are quite aggressive , and will terrorize Cockatiels, it has nothing to do with size, they should have separate cages, no parrot species should ever be mixed.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:10:38
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Q: Do cocketiels and budgies get along together?
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Can you keep budgies and finches together?

I had finches and budgies (along with other birds) in an aviary together and they didn't fight at all.

Can Linnies cockatiel's and Budgies get along together?

Never say never, but very unlikely long-term

Should budgerigars and other exotic birds and wildfowl be in a cage together?

Some budgies will get along with other exotic birds, some won't. It depends on what bird is with the budgie. I've known some that get along with Cockatiels. As for wildfowl, I'm not sure budgies will get along with them.

Do budgies and weeros get along?

not sure butif you do get budgies dont put a a male and a male and a female together one male will eat the male then it will eat the female and then it will eat the eggs and then it will die.

Can English budgies go with Australian budgies?

English and Australian budgies can go along fine if they have enough food, water and space.

Can you have Budgies and Zebra Finches together?


Can you have two female budgies?

yes you cna keep two female budgies in one cage they get along very well

Can finches live with budgies?

Yes. Budgies aren't very aggressive toward birds. In fact, they love company.yes, budgies and finches live very well together

Can four budgies live together?

If they were born together yes but if you just pick random budgies from the pet shop, they would fight and it would NOT end well, trust me

Will budgies nest when there is 5 in one cage?

It can get a little crazy with so many budgies in one cage, but if the budgies get along and dont fight it should be okay for them all to nest in one cage.

Do a parakeet and a budgie get along well?

budgies and parakeets are the same things so yes

Would 2 male budgies get along after a while?

If they had nothing to fight over, then yea.

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