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Some caterpillars do have cocoons in groups. The group is usually a family of caterpillars that build a web like nest around there to cocoons for protection.

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Are butterflies caterpillars?

Well they (were) caterpillars before then they go into their cocoons then when they come out they are butterflies because they grow in the cocoons but it takes a long time so basically yes.

What do cocoons eat?

Cocoons do not eat anything.

Can flies have cocoons?

all flies have special cocoons

Do moths form cocoons?

Yes, moths form cocoons. The cocoon is spun the moth pupa. Other insects form cocoons as well: earthworms, silkworms, and even the cases surrounding spider eggs are called cocoons. Butterflies do not spin or form cocoons.

Do moths come out of cocoons or chrysalis?

Moths have cocoons and butterflies have chrysalis.

What is the collective noun for a group of cocoons?

There is no standard collective noun for cocoons. Collective nouns are an informal part of language, any noun that suits the context of the situation can function as a collective noun; for example, a cluster of cocoons, an infestation of cocoons, a tray of cocoons (used in silk making), etc.

How do caterpillars get out of there cocoons?

Caterpillars do not come out of cocoons. Caterpillars make a cocoon and then come out as moths. Butterflies make chrysalis. Cocoons are made of silk and butterfly caterpillars do not do this.

Where do cocoons live and what temperature do cocoons need to be in?

i dont nuckle head peals.

How many cocoons are used for one silk saree?

it may be 1000 to 50000 cocoons

What part of speech is cocoons?

The word cocoons is a plural noun. The singular form is cocoon.

Do crickets have cocoons?


Are there cocoons in Africa?

Do you mean cocoons as in the chrysalis phase of insect growth. Yes, assuredly there are these in Africa.

What are cocoons made out of?

Cocoons are made of silk. The silk is spun from 2 glands that are located inside of the insect.

What do silk farmers do with cocoons not needed for breeding purposes?

What do silk farmers do with cocoons not needed for breeding purposes

How many cocoons are needed to make 1 kg of raw silk?

Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. It takes 5500 cocoons to make just 2.2 lbs., or 1 kilogram, of silk.

Do carnations grow in groups?


Do ladybugs make cocoons?


Where do cocoons hang from?

On branches.

How do caterpillars weave their cocoons?

The silk comes out of their mouths, and they're constantly in motion while they're weaving their cocoons.

Why do cocoons die after cutting the pupal's case?

cocoons die after cutting the pupal's case because it is no longer needed.

Do moths come from cocoons?


Do catterpillers die in cocoons?


What is the plural noun for cocoon?


Do predators eat the butterfly cocoons?


What do mothballs look like?


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