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Coins show more corrosion when they are in tap water.

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Do coins corrode more in salt water or in fresh water?

Salt water

Do coins corrode more in salt water or in tap water?

salt water

Why do coins corrode more in tap water than in saltwater?

salt water

Do coins corroide more in salt water or in fresh water?

Salt water will

Why do metals corrode more quickly near the sea?

Salt water is corrosive. And there is more moisture in the air.

Does copper corrode in salt water?


Iron and steel corrode more rapidly near the cost of an acean?

Salt is abrasive and we find salt in abundance in ocean so the salty water is carried towards the ,etals and thus they corrode more easily.

Does a penny corrode faster in salt water or fresh water?

Any ways the ANSWER is salt water

What happen when zinc and copper in salt water?

they will corrode

Which metals will be affected the most by salt water?

Metals that corrode in salt water easily include iron and tin.

Why does salt water corrode metal?


Why does iron corrode quicker in salt water instead of fresh water?

it is because iron reacts with salt,which corrodes afterwards

Salt water effects on stainless steel?

Salt water will corrode and rust stainless steel. Water alone will rust it but the salt makes the process happen quicker.

Will zinc in salt water rust faster than zinc in vinegar?

Zinc will corrode in vinegar faster than salt water

What metal corrodes the slowest in salt water?

The noble metals such as gold, silver, or platinum (etc.) do not readily corrode in salt water

Do coins rust in salt water or fresh water?

Coins rust in saltwater and water.

Effects of salt water on steel?

Salt water is corrosive to steel. It causes it to rust (corrode, oxidize) mush faster. wat about brass?

Does a nickel corrode faster in salt water than in tap water?

All metals will corrode faster in salt water than in tap water. Corrosion involves the movement of ions and electrons. Having extra ions in the water (salty water has sodium and chlorine ions) speeds this up.

Do salt water pools corrode more than chlorine pools?

yes There is very little salt in a saltwater pool compared to sea water,however as a result of this there is likely to be more corrosion but in 25 years I have never had any problems with it.

What chemical will corrode steel the worst or most quickly?

oxygen rich salt water

How does a penny corrode in salt water than in tap water?

Salt water will cause corrosion faster because salt is acting as a catalyst - speeding up the change and eroding the material of the penny away.

Why does salt water rust coins faster?

it rusts coins faster because it has salt in which you put on fish and chips... :)

Why does salt water corrode metal better than regular water?

which reacts with some metals causing it to break down.

Will salt corrode aluminum?

no it wont

Will coins rust faster in salt water or in fresh water?

Yes they will.

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