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only on tv. but they actually wear tighty whities

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Does Dylan Sprouse wear boxers?

Yes, he Wears Boxers Briefs

Does Dylan Sprouse wear boxers or briefs?

I don't know but who really cares. That's his personal business

What shoes do cole and Dylan Sprouse wear?

Mostly Vans, Occasionally Dylan Might Wear some Supra Skytops, Or some Nikes But yea, Cole only Really wears Vans

What kind of shoes does Cole Sprouse wear?

Cole Sprouse mostly wear vans/shoes.

Does Cole Sprouse sag when they wear boxers?

Of course, most guys do. It looks like they do from pictures. It looks cool that way.

Does the sprouse twins wear a wig?

No. Dylan and Cole definitly do not wear wigs. Unless their doing something for "The Suite Life on Deck!"

What size shoe does Dylan Sprouse wear?

i think Dylan and coles shoe size is either a 8 or 9!!! and omg cole sprouse is apparently going out with a girl called Georgia-Raye!!!

Do cole and Dylan sprouse wear skinny jeans?

ive seen on tv Dylan Sprouse wear them and heard about Cole Sprouse wearing them. so there aer in style. haha. i love tehose twins. hehe :-} cvhjasfdgzxBcvGHFXSgsVGHSfAGHFSHVdghfsaGHFEHwfwdshgwAFhgdfhwgsfghwfahdgfashgdfasdhgfdhfasHDFASdfsgasfdhgasfdhgsafdsahdffahdfajhdfasgfdyhkhfjkdhgklghshhgfsghfshgrgshjgjsgjhsdfgsfgkjsgdfjkgfsdgjkfjfdsg sdshsjkhfsfksfdgfdkgfhgfdkghkdfgdkgfdkgdhgdkgfjgshjgfdksgfkjfhd hgsdkgfhjkgf khjg fkjhgfhgfkjgfjkgsjhgkjfhgfsjhgsdjhgkfgjhgfjhsgfdshgfhjghkgfkdgfkjgfkdgfjhsgfdfjkghfkjfwegytyy igbhfdsvhjsvhndbvdsfgkfghloioftg;uisahfulsdfh9asyfiuashfoquufygaskjfpafpqlgvgakav,kvbgagkusadgfgfvggllgqflgfhjdgddhgflrhhlhurruii99er9ur9898g[jhp78pg8ui87fytesA N9RUSGGH8PU 98RUGURQERGRGEGFYSAFGVSGAKLSGLKHWLFHUL4HFUIHCUH;IUFH;ASIEHDIESHFIHICFHWHFHHIUHFUWHEUFHWEFUIHEWINDSFBBASH AAV N VN NVNNVNVVJAHFIUHREQWIHFUIQWHUIDHWEQHFOIWEQHFIUWQEHFUIHUIWILLIAM

What kind of underwear does Dylan sprouse wear?

Dylan Sprouse wears the underwear that he used to wear when he was little. Mostly tighty whities, briefs, and only sometimes boxers. He usually wears underwear with ducks and robots and penguins and even hearts!!! Yeah he wears little kid underwear :) sexy huh? <3

What kind of girls do Dylan and Cole Sprouse like?

Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse like girls who don't wear alot of makeup. They also like girls that are laid back not to bossy!If you like them and you dont have these qualities,then don't change stay who you are!!=DCole Sprouse likes a girl with braces apparently. Dylan Sprouse likes a girl with a clean face(no acne or make up) Cole is okay with a little bit of acne but Dylan really likes a clean face, and someone who isn't self contentious. They said so in a video on youtube.Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-xV66TU-p18It doesn't matter if your not the kind of Dylan and Cole's dream date. The love at first site can change everything :)

How do you be like Dylan Sprouse?

just be really down to earth, flirty with the girls, and wear skater clothes. that is how to be like Dylan sprouse

Does Dylan Sprouse wear glasses?

He does. He just wears contacts.

What kind of socks does Cole Sprouse wear?

i think they wear white socks

What sized shoes do Dylan and Cole Sprouse wear?

japenese system... size 81b... but dylans shoes are 10 times the sq.rt of .1sqd x the size of coles.

Do the Sprouse twins wear boxers?

Yes they do. There are times in episodes of "The Suit Life On Deck" where you can see there boxers, as they sag there pants like most teens.

What size shoes do Dylan and Cole Sprouse wear?

I can't get a definite answer, but I've hear both a 5 and a 9 USA. I guess the 5 could be something other than a 'USA'. Idk.

Does Dylan Sprouse Wear diapers?

He would be a little too old for diapers don't you think?

Does Cole Sprouse wear glasses?

No. Only reading glasses but he's afraid to tell anyone about it.

Dylan Sprouse will love you?

He will love u if u don't wear much makeup. And if u have great personalty

Do girls wear boxers?

some wear boy boxers some wear girl boxers and they can wear what they want fool!!!

What kind of clothes does Dylan Sprouse wear?

Dylan Sprouse prefers loose-fitting clothes and likes browns, blues, and black. While he does look awesome in a suit and tie, he prefers jeans, a T-shirt, and a top-shirt or lightweight sweater.

Does Cole Sprouse wear skinny jeans?

Yes, he is often seen in public wearing skinny and tight jeans.

Does Cole Sprouse wear diapers?

Yes, he occasionally wets the bed, so he wears large Goodnites to bed.

Why can't girls wear boxers?

Women CAN wear boxers. In fact, sometimes they do wear boxers, but usually as bedtime clothing. But boxers are generally designed specifically for men.

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