Do comets and asteroids come close to earth?


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Yes; some come close enough to crash with planet Earth - as was the case, for example, in the Tunguska (Siberia) in the year 1908.

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No - but some do come close, they orbit a sun

Some do, some do not. Both have in the past hit the Earth.

Asteroids and comets have several similarities. They are both made of rocks and assorted materials, and they both come fairly close to Earth on a regular basis.

Yes, comets come very close to the Earth each year. These comets can be seen passing by the Earth with a telescope.

Comets are difficult to predict; we currently know of no comets that will be visible in 2012, but new ones are discovered periodically. No asteroids that we are aware of will approach the Earth very closely before April 13, 2029, when the asteroid Apophis will come fairly close the Earth. (But it will miss.)

Comets come to the inner Solar System - i.e., close to Earth - all the time.

Answer : meteoroids come from comets or asteroids.

Comets and asteroids are objects in orbit around the sun leftover from the formation of the solar system.

As far as we know, no rogue planet has ever come near Earth. Comets and asteroids have come near Earth, but not actual planets.

Rocky asteroids. Icy comets often live in and come from the Kuiper Belt.

Comets have their own orbits in our solar system around the sun. They don't come close to the earth.

Comets simply means asteroids coming from the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. When comets get close to the sun they get disintegrated and destroyed by the sun"s heat itself I don't believe the above answer is correct. Asteroids and comets are not the same thing. While asteroids come from the asteroid best, most comets come from the Oort Cloud or Kuiper Best, far beyond Neptune. They are also made up differently - comets being ice and dust, while asteroids are rock.

This depends on the comet. Some comets come fairly close to Earth, and some have come VERY close to the Earth. We believe that some comets have actually struck the Earth in the distant past.Most comets spend the vast majority of their time far away for the Sun and the Earth, and it is a rare occurrence for more than one comet to be visible at one time.

Most asteroids are in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. But a few do come close to the Earth; these are called Near Earth Asteroids. You can see a list of NEAs, and the dates that they will come closest to the Earth, at Asteroids and comets have collided with the Earth in the past, and someday one will collide with Earth in the future. Depending on the mass of the asteroid, the damage could be catastrophic. 65 million years ago, scientists now believe that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs and most life on Earth.

Because asteroids are found in the asteroid belt and comets come off from the sun but i am not sure about meteorites sorry

Asteroids comets and meteoroids all are masses of land sometimes inflamed and usually come from parts of planets hurtling through space.

Comets are solid pieces of rock that are in long elliptical orbit around the sun. They occur because pieces of other space objects (asteroids, moons, planets, etc.) were knocked off into this path, and the path just happens to come close to the Earth.

During the course of a typical year, something like 10 or 12 comets come within the range of amateur telescopes.

Asteriods are giant rocks in the solar system that are a threat if the come really close to earth.

Not unless the two bodies meet, or come very close together.

Most asteroids are not in the same plane as earth. The word plane is quite generic. Some asteroids come very close to earth, and that is not a good thing as they could cause serious damage.

Comets move all over the Solar System, and there are many of them, so sooner or later, you would expect one of them getting close to Earth.

Asteroids, even very large ones, actually come close to earth regularly and cause no harm and no effect on life on earth. The concern would be a large asteroid crashing into the earth.

Their compositions are different, comets tend to contain more ice, like dirty snowballs, while asteroids are more rocky. Asteroids are found in more regular orbits, while comets have more eccentric orbits and come from much further out in the solar system.

A comet could concievably pass close enough to the earth to be pulled in by its gravity. We would experience as a meteor or meteorite

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