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No, comets do not have an atmosphere.

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Q: Do comets have an atmosphere
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Do comets or asteroids have an atmosphere?

Asteroids do not have an atmosphere. Comets do not have an atmosphere untill they approach the Sun at which point they do develop a (very thin) atmosphere.

How are comets related to meteor showers?

comets become meteoroids when they pass through the earths atmosphere

Does the solar system have any comets or asteroids?

Obviously it does have comets, astroids, and other things. Comets are astroids but when they enter the atmosphere of a planet, such as Earth, the astroids get so hot that the astroids turn into comets. Comets are made of ice and dust.

What are meteroids that reach the earth's atmosphere called?


Can Comets go through Earth's atmosphere?


What layer of the atmosphere are comets found?

comets are found in the meosphere. this layer is quite cold. it can reach temperatures of -125

Why do comets develop tails?

its because comets have ice in them, and that vaporises really quickly while the comet enters the earth's atmosphere.

What do asteroids comets and meteoroids have in common?

Both meteoroid's and comets are made out of rock and burn up when getting into earths atmosphere.

Small rocks that burn up in earths atmosphere?

these are comets

Does Comet Hale-Bopp have atmosphere?

i don't think any comets have enough gravity to keep an atmosphere

If earth had no atmosphere would comets still be visible from its surface?

Yes. Comets do not enter the atmosphere of the earth (we hope!). What you see is gasses that are released from the comet, illuminated by the sun. However, a meteor (shooting star) is visible only due to the atmosphere heating the meteor.

What things have an atmosphere in the solar system?

Most planets have an atmosphere, in addition to active comets and Saturn's moon Titan.

Are comets a problem on Jupiter?

no, because the planet is a super thick atmosphere

Do comets asteroids and meteors have an atmosphere?

No. They do not have enough gravity to hold on to the gasses.

What happens when a comets dust particles enter our atmosphere?

it turns to dust.

What is a comets tail caused by?

caused by the sun after entering the sun atmosphere

Do comets have an atmospehere?

No... they're far too small to support an atmosphere.

Is a comet and a meteor considered to be small planets?

No, comets and meteors are not considered to be small planets. Comets are simply considered to be comets, and meteors are simply considered to be meteors. (Meteors are asteroids that have entered the atmosphere.)

Does solar flares give comets their tail?

No, comets have tails due to solar radiation subliming ices and other volatile substances into a temporary atmosphere that is tail shaped due to the comets velocity.

What is the difference between comets and meteors?

Comets are flying bits of rock that don't enter the earth's atmosphere and meteors are flying bits of iron stone or stony iron. Also meteors do enter the earth's atmosphere.

How do comets vaporize?

When comets come in contact with the earth's atmosphere, the air resistence and the action of gases wears it off, so ultimately it disappears.

Do comets burn up in the earths atmosphere?

comets can do this (depending on there make up) however this is rare as a comet is actually a satelite, it is stuck in a orbit. an asteroid burning up in the atmosphere is more likely, thiese rocks are not in orbit.

What creates a comets tail?

Those are the gases (atmosphere, if you like) that comet is carrying.

How are comets and planets similar?

It's atmosphere is similar like ours on earth

Who was the first to prove that comets lie beyond Earth's atmosphere?