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NO because comets are usually small or smaller that the moon. And comets have a hot surface.

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Q: Do comets have bodies of water?
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What extraterrestrial bodies do scientists think brought water to Earth's surface?


What do comets contain the most of?

Comets are small bodies in the Solar System that, when passing close to the Sun, heat up and begin to outgas. Comets are composed of rock, dust, water ice and frozen gases.

Shape of a comets orbit?

Comets' orbits are elliptical, like all orbiting bodies.

Which of these extraterrestrial bodies do scientists think brought water to Earths surface?

Comets, because they are made from ice and dirt.

Where is there water on comets?

no according to justin bieber there is no water in comets

Which heavenly bodies were mentioned in Gulliver's Travels?


Examples of heavenly bodies?

planets, comets etc.

Which are small bodies that move around the planet?


How do comets differ in meteors?

Comets are full heavenly bodies which revolve around the sun in highly tilted orbits, whereas meteors are part of the heavenly bodies which once existed.

Why is it important to study the smaller bodies such as comets and asteroids?

it isn't

What tailed heavenly bodies are moving around the sun?


Date on which celestial bodies like mars comets were seen?

information about dates on which certain celestial bodies

What are the heavenly bodies in heaven?

They are the physical bodies in space like suns, planets, moons, meteors, comets, etc.

10 What are small bodies of ice and cosmic dust called?


What are the small planet-like bodies that orbit the sun?

Asteroids and Comets

What are the heavenly bodies aside from the planets?

comets, moons, stars, asteroids

What are the latest update on the discovery of other heavenly bodies?

the moon and the comets

What are the heavily bodies on the universe?

The heavenly bodies on the universe are anything that is found in the skies and is placed there by nature. Some of the common heavenly bodies include comets and stars.

How are asteroiods and comets alike?

Asteroids and comets are alike in that they are both heavenly or celestial bodies. Most of them were born early in the formation of the solar system too.

How do comets meteorites and asteroids differ?

Meteorite is found on the surface of the planet, Comets are also known as dirty snowballs, Asteroids are small rocky bodies.

What are the differences between planets and comets?

Comets are small solar system bodies that orbit around the Sun. They are not planets because NASA said so.

What are the names of two other large asteroids?

Comets and Meteors are larger bodies

What is a group of heavenly bodies called?

A group of heavenly bodies is called a solar system. Heavenly bodies are the stars, planets, comets, asteroids, and moons of a solar system.

Other celestial bodies in space?

Celestial bodies include stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, comets, meteoroids, satellites, and asteroids.

Do comets have water?

i dont no do they