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Yes. Any 2.5" (laptop) SATA drive can be used with a PS3.

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Q: Do computer hard drives work on ps3's?
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What kind of external hard drives would be best for a computer?

The best external hard drives come from the company Seagate. They make affordable and reliable hard drives that will work for anyone's budget and needs.

Will 7200 RPM hard drives work on an old Pentium 233MHz MMX computer?


How do the portable hard drives work?

Portable hard drives work by interfacing with whichever computer they are connected to. In most cases, this connection is established by USB. Once the portable drives are connected they allow the user access to the data contained on it and the drive's storage capacity.

Hardware and software together do what?

When they work together, they create what is known as a computer. Hardware is just external drives, like flashdrives and external hard drives. Software is what is in the computer, like the motherboard. Together, they make a computer.

Can you use an external hard drive with any computer?

While external hard drives have the availability to work with multiple computers, it would be false to say every external hard drive works with every computer.

How does an hard drive work?

Hard drives work by using magnetism to encode data onto the platters, so the only way to totally erase something on a hard drive would be to place it in the presence of a strong magnetic field Hard drives work by spinning a disk and moving several arms across the surface to read and write from the surface of the disk Hard drives work by circular platters moving past a stationary read/write arm Hard drives work by sending a strong electro-magnetic pulse at a very focused, high density gain of rust on a spinning platter Hard drives work by storing information on circular discs (platters), which are read by tiny electro-magnetic "heads" Hard drives work by levitating a head a very small distance from the media; unlike floppy or tape, where the media actually touches the head Hybrid hard drives work by using the flash memory as a sort of write cache In the Hard Drives & Disks section, we explore how they work, what it means when your hard drive crashes and how to add a hard drive to your computer

Why should you research hard drives when replacing one in a computer?

You need to do this to be able to find a high-performing one of the right size for you, and to make sure it will work on your computer.

Is a method of storing data on two or more hard drives that work together?

method of storing data on two or more hard drives that work together?

When do I use drive or drives in a sentence?

I drive to work every morning. She drives a car. My computer has one drive. / My computer has two drives. My brother drives me crazy. His thirst for knowledge drives him to study harder.

How motherboard make your computer work?

By running the drives.

When you put an extra internal hard drive into the desk top will the computer work with both drivers?

If you do it properly, it should. I have two drives in the computer I'm using as I'm typing this.

Can installing a second hard drive help your computer work faster?

Since hard drives seldom affect a computer's speed, no. It will only give you more space for storage.

Do portable hard drives work for every laptop?

Not all portable hard drives work with every laptop. Some portable hard drives are formated for specific types of laptops. For example a portable hard drive that is formated for a Mac cannot be used with a windows laptop

What file format is best for thumb drives?

Thumb drives are just like hard drives, any format will work on it.

How do you use external drive to work your computer?

Your question is worded very oddly. Hard drives do not "work a computer"; if anything, it is the other way around. Please rephrase your question so that you make what it is you are trying to accomplish more clear.

How does a forensic data recovery hard drive work?

A forensic data recovery hard drive is a complete hard drive data recovery service that specializes in recovering "vital data" from Personal Computer, Laptop and Notebook hard disk drives. It also works for Server drives, RAID's, SAN's, NAS's, and much more.

How does a second hard drive in a computer work?

Overall, a secondary hard drive works the same as a primary hard drive. In the case of PATA drives, the secondary hard drive operates as a "slave" drive. It disables its controller and lets the primary hard drive control it. This is determined by jumper settings on both drives and/or the cable position.While SATA drives are modeled after PATA drives, SATA drives operate on independent channels, and thus every SATA drive is a "master" drive. Their order or addressing are all dependent upon which socket they are plugged into.

What do you use hard drives for?

You use hard drive to save your work, music, pictures ect...

A technology that configures two or more hard drives to work together as an array of drives is called?

Random Array of Inexpensive Drives R A I D

Are the hard drives for laptops the same for Desktop computers?

Laptop hard drives are very similar to desktop hard drives, indeed they work in exactly the same way and even use the same interfaces. However laptop hard drives are designed to be much smaller (2 inches as opposed to 3.5) and draw less power than desktop hard drives. As a result laptop hard drives are usually much slower in terms of data transfer and have much smaller storage capacity than a desktop hard drive of the same year manufacture. With an adapter it is possible to use a laptop hard drive in a desktop computer, and if mounted externally it is also possible to use a desktop hard drive on a laptop.

What holds all the internal components of the computer?

The case of a computer has mounting brackets inside it, to this is attached a motherboard. installed on the mother board are various other circuit cards which aid in making the computer work. Other devices, such as; CD drives, hard drives and power supplies are installed in their own particular mounting bracket.

Use USB floppy drive to make USB hard drive?

This simply isn't possible. Hard drives and floppy drives work in very different ways.

How can you erase e drive?

The E drive will be specific to your computer, so it is hard to tell what the E drive on your computer is exactly. Here is some general advice for erasing drives In "my computer", when you right click on any drive, you can click "Format Drive" then you should be able to erase the drive from there. This doesn't work on some DVD drives

Can Having an external hard drive make your computer work better?

Answer External Hard Drives are usually used to back up files in case of a crash you have all of your files on an external Hard Drive. As far as making your computer work better, sorry, it doesn't work that way. If you want to improve the performance of your computer try changing the CPU chip or adding more Ram. If you don't know how to do these things, perhaps a visit to a computer store would be your best bet.

What is the latest of a hard disk?

There are many brands and makes of hard disks from many manufacturers, so there are new hard drives coming out all the time which make incremental improvements over older generations of hard drives. The newest most fundamentally different kind of hard drives are called SSD drives, which do not use any disks at all, and work the same way that USB Flash Drives and the memory cards in Digital Cameras work. See...