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No but cone shells can.

Some such as Conus geographus can kill you.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-17 16:47:40
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Q: Do conches sting you and is it poisonous?
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Are mustache bugs poisonous?

They are not poisonous but they sting. The sting feels like a bee sting.

Are sting ray stings poisonous?

Yes. they are poisonous.

Is the Great Black Wasp poisonous?

It isn't poisonous, but it does sting.

What is more painful a bee sting or a wasp sting?

Well, wasp sting is more poisonous than bee sting

Are black wasps poisonous?

No. They sting.

Are water scorpions poisonous?

The water scorpion's sting is very painful, so they should be handled carefully. It's sting isn't as poisonous as land scorpions.

Is a bee sting poisonous?

A bee's sting contains what would be called venom if it were strong enough to categorize as such. It's only truly poisonous to people who are allergic to it

Do scorpions have poisonious venom?

Scorpions have a sting at the tip of their tail. This sting can inject a poisonous venom.

Is the scorpion sting poisonous?

yes. very poisonus.

Are salt water stingray poison?

No. but their sting is poisonous

How can you tell if a tarantula is poisonous?

tarantulas are not poisonous. their bites just sting for like 24 hours.

What eats conches?

Conches are eaten by people. They are also eaten by crayfish.

What kind of sting does a scorpeon have?

A scorpion has a poisonous sting and very painful. To a adult it can be harmless but to a child it can be fatal

Is a bee sting poisonus?

some bee stings are poisonous. but some bee stings ain't poisonous.

Are Pachylia ficus poisonous?

No, not when they are Moths. When they are caterpillars, yes. They sting.

Do jellyfish sting?

YES because they have poisonous thing on their tentacles

What is the color of a poisonous cockroach?

There are no poisonous cockroaches. They do not bite or sting and do not have toxic venom to transmit to humans or other animals.

Do black stink bugs bite?

No. They do not bite, but they are able to sting/stab you with their rather strong proboscis and the sting is actually somewhat painful. Comparable with bee sting. Fortunately their sting is not poisonous or dangerous.

How can spiders harm humans?

They can inject poisonous venom into your body if they sting you but only really dangerous ones can kill with their sting

What is the population of Conches-en-Ouche?

The population of Conches-en-Ouche is 5,034.

What is the population of Conches-sur-Gondoire?

Conches-sur-Gondoire's population is 1,745.

Was Steve Irwin murdered?

no he was not murdered he was bitten by a poisonous sting ray

What do scorpions use their claws for?

grabbing the prey and the sting it with it poisonous stinger

Are guinea wasp poisonous?

yes of corse i kills with one sting

Can yellow jackets be poisinuos?

Wasps are never poisonous themselves, but they may sting you. The venom is poisonous and causes swelling and pain.