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Usually still good

Generally, yes. I went back to college after a 10 year gap and found that all most all of my credits were still good. I did have to retake a few courses because the material had been much-updated since the first time I took them. It really depends on the college you are applying to- you are kind of at their mercy as far as what they decide is still valid! Hope that helps you some.

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Q: Do courses you took years ago count as credits on your record?
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How many credits do you need to get a bachelor's degree?

In four years, you will generally complete 120 semester credits or about 40 college courses. Usually at least 90 credits are required.

Is there a faster way to get through four years of college?

You can take a two year associates degree program, summer courses for your bachloriate, or advanced level graduate courses for increased credits.

How do you get a college degree in less than 4 years?

Take additional courses in the summers before and during your college years. Increase the number of courses you take each semester. Pay for and take the tests available for additional credits.

How many credit hours does it take to get an associate degree?

An associate degree is two years of college. You need to complete 60 semester credits (90 quarter credits) or about twenty college courses.

If you take college courses in high school will that drop the number of years you have to go to college?

No, but will reduce the course credits that are necessary to graduate.

Will college credits from 1989 transfer?

Most credits are good forever. However, some schools will have a cutoff for specific courses (any where from five to ten years). This typically occurs within the health related fields and are particular to laboratory sciences such a s chemistry, biology, etc., or where some courses may be outdated such as some computer or technology courses. Courses such as English, math, history, psychology, other social science and humanities courses will be fine.

How can you find out how many credits you have from years ago?

If the question involves college credits, then the place to ask is the administration departments of various colleges one attended. There is a definite record of the credits of students that graduated. Credits of students who did not graduate may be more difficult to find.

Do law school credits expire?

It depends on the school and the bar requirements. In Michigan, anything older than 5 years does not count.

What courses are part of an associate's degree?

Roughly 30 credits at most colleges. 15 per semester, you can get it in two years. If you're asking about specific courses, Google the college you're interested and contact an adviser.

How many credits do you need for a doctorate?

Four-year doctorates will require about 90 to 120 semester credits or 30 to 40 college courses. And almost all are four years. Plus a thesis and you must defend that thesis.

Will the number of years get reduced in degree courses if you have a associate degree?

You will need your transcripts from your other schools. Most schools will accept some credits from other programs.

How can you find out how many college credits you have earned through out the years from my employer. I have taken several courses and a lot of them issue college credits. Is there online Info?

check your unofficial transcrips. can be found online or by a request through the admissions and records office at your school.

What type of institution can you attend to be a special ed teacher?

4-year College or UniversityTo become a special ed teacher, you need to earn a bachelor's degree from a 4-year college or university that offers special education degrees or possibly minors in special education.All four years don't have to be spent on campus, though. The first two years or so can be taken at a community college, taking online courses, or if available, college courses given at your local schools or elsewhere in your community. Before taking courses from other institutions, check with the college you plan to graduate from to make sure the credits will transfer to that institution. Otherwise, you might find yourself having credits that don't count and will have to retake the course.

How many years is it for a master degree in medicine?

3 Years for MD/MS Courses2 Years for diploma Courses

How many years are your college credits good for?

The expiration of college credits differs among colleges and universities. However, it appears that many schools will accept credits for up to ten years.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor's degree if you don't have your associate's degree?

In general, it takes 4 years, as opposed to two years for an associate's degree. Of course, it all depends on how many credits you will carry per semester and whether you opt for summer courses in addition to traditional school year courses. I guess that at most accredited colleges, a bachelor's degree requires about twice the amount of credits as an associate's.It depends on what you are earning your Bachelor's Degree in. It would also depend on how many credits you may have already earned. In most cases a Bachelor's Degree is a 4 year degree.

How many credits equals 2 years of college?

Typically, 60 to 64 credits would be equivalent to two years of college.

How long does a reckless driving charge stay on your record in texas?

It'll count against your insurance for three years, and will show on your MVR for seven.

How are high school credits calculated when moving from one state to another?

The way high school credits are calculated when one is moving from one state to another is by the high school courses that have already been taken. For example, if one has three years of English class, each year counts as one credit. However, elective courses may be calculated differently depending on each state's education requirements.

How many years of college is 60 hours?

Typically, within higher education, 60 credits is equivalent to two years of education.Typically, within higher education, 60 credits is equivalent to two years of education.Typically, within higher education, 60 credits is equivalent to two years of education.Typically, within higher education, 60 credits is equivalent to two years of education.Typically, within higher education, 60 credits is equivalent to two years of education.Typically, within higher education, 60 credits is equivalent to two years of education.

Why do years count backwards in bce and bc years count forwards?

years were numbered to count backward to indicate the number of years an event had occurred โ€œbefore Christโ€ or โ€œB.C.โ€

How many years animation courses?

4 years.

How long does it take to become a surgeon?

First, you need an undergraduate degree (in absolutely anything, although you'll need certain science courses as med school pre-requisites). Most people do that in 4 years, but with AP credits and summer courses, you could do it in 3. Medical school is 4 years. It's the same 4 years regardless of what specialty you are interested in.stick a neeedle in you and call you done.

How do you count the years in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, you use numbers to count the years, just as in English.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor's degree after completion of an associates?

The associates degree generally covers the first 2 years of your Bachelor's degree. You could probably earn a Bachelor's degree in 1 year depending on the courses you took to get your AA degree and how many of the classes and credits carry over. But, it will in most cases take from 1-2 years to get your bachelor's degree, of course it can take longer if you change a major, or have a large number of courses and credits that do not transfer to the 4 year school you are attending.