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Do court papers have to be served before your car can be repossessed

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That depends on the state law, but generally, no.

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Can you be served with papers a day before a court hearing and still have to attend that hearing?


Must you receive court papers before your car is repossessed?

It depends on the state, but usually it is only required that the lending institution have the papers. In general, you already know when the loan is in default.

Can credit card companies garnish your wages in New Jersey?

Only with a court ruling against you, but you be served court papers before that can happen.

How do you tell if my wife been served with divorce papers in coos county Berlin NH?

Check with your attorney to see if the papers are served. Or check with the server that you used to serve the wife. When the divorce papers are served the server has to report it to court that the papers have been served so check the court records if your attorney is not available to answer your questions.

I would like to know what are correct ways to go about the process of having someone served papers or being served court papers.?

The court issues a summons or process and a sheriff or summons server delivers it to the individual. Papers are served as a result of an action filed with the court, then the court notifies those involved that they must appear.

How do you find out if someone was served papers for court?

How do you find out when someome was serves with a law suit papers.

What if someone refuses to accept court served papers?

You can't refuse court served papers. Each state varies but service could be accomplished just by leaving the papers on the door of the persons house (provided the person serving the papers are authorized to do so).

In UTAH Do i need to have papers served if spouse doesn't contest?

How would the court know this unless the party is served?

Reasons people get served papers?

to appear in court or a notice that your being sued

If a mother takes the children to a different state and will not let the father know where they are is he responsible for child support if no court papers have been served yet?

No, he is not responsible until court papers are served. Also, he cannot pay if he doesn't know where they are.

Can you refuse court papers being served to you?

you can do whatever you want as long as you pay me. (no cartwheels)

Are the only reasons that people get served papers are to appear in court or that you are being sued?


How long after divorce papers are filed with the court it takes to have the divorce papers served in the state of California?

Today as divorce cases are on the increase in all the states including California , the papers will soon be served out as the pile of papers just increase and make it difficult for everybody.

my landlord is trying to evict me because i didnt show up to court but i was never served paper what do i do?

You can go to the court and ask for a hearing on the matter and tell them you weren't served papers.

Can local police serve subpoena?

Yes.Added: Although such court papers are CUSTOMARILY served by the Sheriff's Office or Court Officers, they MAY also be served by Law Enforcement if they are relative to a criminal case.Law Enforcement officers (NOT to be confused with Sheriff's Deputies) can NOT serve papers of the Civil Court.

How do i file for divorce on my own?

You go to the courthouse, get the forms, fill them out, pay the court fee and file the papers with the court. You then become the Plaintiff in the case and must make sure that the Defendant is properly served.

What happens if you don't get served custody papers in Oregon?

If you are not served with papers and you know about the pending case than you should contact a family law attorney to get you in the court and part of the custody. Its too complex to do it yourself. Retain an attorney.

What is the next step when a child who lives with you serves you court papers to live with his dad?

If you have been served with "court papers" or a lawsuit, you will need to file an answer and respond to the suit. In most (all?) places, a minor cannot initiate legal actions or serve legal papers.

What happens next if you were never served with child custody modification papers?

If the court determines that you were served, it will likely enter a default order - you will not like the terms of that order.

What happens if you are not home when you are served court papers?

If you were not at home the first day, they will come again, and then it will come registered to you so you will get it.

How long after filing for divorce will the papers be served to my wife?

It depends on your process server. Once you give the papers to the county sheriff or a process server to be served, they will have to locate your wife and serve her the papers. Contact your process server to see if your papers have been served. If you are representing yourself, you can serve the papers to her personally, as long as the original paperwork has been filed with the local county court. If you are represented by counsel, I suggest you ask the attorney representing your interests.

How do you sign rights away?

You can physically sign papers giving up your paternal rights, or if you are served papers to do so, you can not sign and return them. In this case, the court finds for the petitioner.

Can someone take you to court over custody of a child without u being served with court papers?

No. The prosecution must convince the court that you received actual notice of the initial proceeding.

Can the Alabama child support call you to inform you that you need to be served with paternity papers?

Absolutely, especially if the test is court ordered.

Reasons for getting served papers?

Service of "papers" probably refers to legal documents advising a person of some court date or court action. Not all things you can get served with involve a response from you, but may simply be the advisement of the action and your options under the law. The "service" itself is a specific legal step and under some circumstances the person who performed the service may have to testify that it was done, for instance, in a divorce wherein you decided to stay home and not appear, the other party can move that the court proceed without you being present, since you were served with the papers and chose not to appear. The server may be calld upon to make a statement under oath that the papers were served.