Do crabs eat seaweed

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According to my research, i will say yes.
Some smaller crabs are earbavores they eat foods such as seaweed. Lareger crabs will eat other fish.

What's an earbavore?

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Q: Do crabs eat seaweed
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Related questions

Do crabs eat whelks?

no, some crabs eat seaweed

Do baby crabs eat seaweed?


What do herbivore sea crabs eat?

Herbivorous sea crabs eat algae and seaweed.

Do hermit crabs eat seaweed?

Hermit crabs will eat seaweed. The best diet for a hermit crab is one of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

What do baby crabs eat?

seaweed, plankton, and algae!

Where are starfishes in the food chain?

In the middle because the eat dead crabs,crabs eat fish,and fish eat seaweed.

What is a horseshoe crabs diet?

They eat worms, mollusks and seaweed.

Were do crabs get there food and what food does it eat?

Well crabs get their food from all the seaweed and plague in the water...

What do Marsh crabs eat?

Marsh crabs typically eat decaying debris and seaweed. They typically eat anything that is small, edible and in its path.

What do reef crabs eat?

Reef crabs will eat algae, dried seaweed or other marine foods. Reef crabs live on the North Island of New Zealand and Australia.

What is a rock pool food web?

Crabs eat green seaweed Whelks eat red seaweed Small fish eat shrimps Shrimps eat plankton Animal plankton eats plant plankton Sea anemones eat plankton Shore crabs eat shrimps and small fish Crabs eat whelk Small fish eats sea anemones Seagulls eat small fish and crabs

What do blue claw crabs eat?

A rare seaweed that grows of the coast of Australia

What tipe of plants do sand crabs eat?

i dont know but i guess seaweed.

What do quahogs eat?

Marine algae. and they also eat seaweed or left overs from a hermit crabs meal.

What eats seaweed?

Many things like to eat seedweed such as crabs, fish, seals, humans like eating seaweed as well

What do snow crabs eat?

Snow crabs are scavengers and they eat Dead fish or other animals after the other predator is done with it. They also eat algae, seaweed, and other plants

What eats seaweed crabs?

Well what eats seaweed crabs are octopuses and sharks and stuff like that.

What do krabs eat?

Blue crabs are scavengers. They eat edible wastes in the water. Crabs can also be predators. They eat shellfish beds and seaweed. They will also eat snails, mussels, and decayed vegetation.

How do crabs get there food?

Crabs are able to get their food from seaweed ad plague in the water. Crabs usually eat algae, worms, bacteria, fungi and other crustaceans.

Can hermit crabs eat seaweed?

Yes! They love eating foods from their native environment.

What do baby crabs eat that humans can feed them?

They eat seaweed,little dead fish,and problably thats it maybe.

Do jellyfish eat seaweed?

No, it eats crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters & shrimp. It eats fish that gets caught in its tentacles. It is carniverous, so no seaweed.

What do king crabs eat?

King crabs are omnivores so will eat plant and animal life alike. This diet often includes fish, algae, plankton and seaweed.

What do wild crabs eat?

It depends on the crab. Certain species of crab live off of algae or seaweed. Crabs such Porcelain Crabs filter planktonic food out of the water, but will also eat bits of meatier food.

What eat seaweed?

Fish, crabs, lobsters, seals, and other marine and/or aquantic land mammals.