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Although the funds you receive from credit card payments are not immediate, take into consideration that you will get paid by the credit card companies much faster than you may get paid by the customer. It can take weeks, or sometimes months after you issue an invoice for a customer to issue you a check. Once you receive the check, you still have to deposit it and wait for it to clear before your funds are available to you.

In most cases, once a credit card transaction has been processed, your funds are available in your account within two to three business days. Some banks may hold your money before they release it to you, so be sure to check when setting up your merchant account how long it takes your bank to issue funds. Some banks, such as Wells Fargo, are well-known for making funds available to business owners the day after credit is approved.

Another option to consider is accepting debit cards. When paying with a debit card, funds are immediately debited from the customer account and credited to your account. You benefit from this because you do not have to wait for a credit card company to issue your funds. You have a guaranteed transaction, immediate access to your money, and fewer transaction fees.

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Q: Do credit card payments go into your account immediately or do you have to wait to receive payment from the credit card company?
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How do you accept credit card payments?

In order to accept credit card payments from your business, you would need to open a merchant account with a credit card acceptance company. The merchant account will provide you with a solution for taking credit card payments as well as settling those transactions so that the money that you are owed can be taken from the customer and deposited into your business account. For more information on taking cards as a form of payment see these resources:

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