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yes, they eat most vegetable scraps

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Can hamsters eat potato peels?


Can slugs eat apple or potato peels?

Yes, slugs will eat apple and potato peelings.

Can worms eat potato peels?

Yes, they will. They like them best if mixed in soil.

Can hamster eat potato peels?

i have had many hamsters in my life never have i fed them potatoe peels i have fed a female before she had babies .

How do you cook potato peels?

You can fry or bake them. Fried potato peels are like potato chips. Ensure they are clean before you cook them.

What do wild crickets eat?

They eat just about anything from dog food to dead and weak crickets. They eat leteuce, potato, tomatoes, other garden greens,ants grass and other small bugs.

What do the eastern fence lizard eat?

Eastern Fenced lizards eat millworms, crickets and potato bugs. i hope this helps =)

Can you use potato peels for fertilizer?


Do skunks eat potato peels?

My research says yes, I have also found that they enjoy copious amounts of human flesh

Do you cook vegetable peels for chickens to eat?

Most veggie peels can be presented raw saving the nutritional content. Potato peel must be boiled to reduce solanine which is a natural alkaloid and poisonous to animals.

Do grass hopper eat crickets?

no crickets don't eat crickets

What do eastern fence lizards eat?

They will eat a range of insect. Small (non poisonous) spiders, Crickets, Meal worms, wax worms, small lizards, potato bugs, Grasshoppers, and beetles. Crickets would be the best for them.

Can you put potato peels in your garden?

Better on the compost heap.

Are potato peels toxic for turkeys?

No, don't think so.

What kind of crickets eat grass?

The types of crickets that eat grass are field crickets and house crickets. Crickets also eat leafy vegetables, small insects, and fungi.

Do crickets eat grass?

most crickets eat grass

Do fish eat crickets?

yes fish do eat crickets

Do crickets eat berries?

yes,crickets do eat berries.

How do crickets eat?

crickets eat by using there antenna's

Are potato leave poisonus to chickens?

Yes. Too many potato leaves and rhubarb leaves will poison a hen but they are very selective in what they will eat. You do not have to worry much about them eating an amount large enough to do much damage. They may try to eat them but they will soon move on to tastier treats like almost anything else growing in your garden. Note: Do not feed hens raw potato peels either, the peels must be cooked or they may get too much Solanine (the green part of a potato peel).

Do crickets eat frogs?

No, crickets are too small to eat frogs. On the other hand, frogs will eat crickets because they are insectivores.

What do camel crickets eat?

Camel Crickets eat anything organic.

Do crickets eat ladybugs?

i heard that crickets will eat lady bugs

Do crickets eat spiders?

Most crickets eat spiders. If the spider is big than no. The common crickets only eat small spiders.

Do red eared sliders eat crickets?

Red eared sliders can eat crickets.

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