Alligators and Crocodiles

Do crocodiles have hair?

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no they have scales

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Do crocodiles have eyelashes?

No, crocodiles are reptiles, and as such have scales with no holes in them for hair follicles

What is a collective noun for crocodiles?

The collective nouns for crocodiles are:a float of crocodilesa bask of crocodilesa congregation of crocodilesa nest of crocodiles

Is a crocodile a mammal?

Crocodiles are cold blooded animals with scales. Mammals are warm blooded animals with hair that produce milk for their young. So crocodiles are not mammals; they are reptiles.

Is float a collective noun for crocodiles?

Yes, the standard collective nouns for crocodiles are:a float of crocodilesa bask of crocodilesa congregation of crocodilesa nest of crocodiles

Are crocodiles fish?

No, crocodiles are not fish. Crocodiles are reptiles.

Are crocoile mammals?

Crocodiles do not have fur/hair and do not suckle their young with milk. Therefore, they are not mammals. Crocs are classified as reptiles.

What are cold blooded crocodiles called?

They are just called crocodiles because all crocodiles are cold-blooded. Although they are called crocodiles, there are different species of crocodiles.

Which crocodile is endangered?

their are lots of crocodiles endangered their are salt water crocodiles, crocodiles the crocodiles in india,alligaters and also caimans

Does the crocodile live alone or with other crocodiles?

with other crocodiles with other crocodiles

what is the collective noun of crocodiles?

A bask of crocodiles. hope this hepls :)

What are the two breeds of crocodiles in Australia?

Estuarine Crocodiles and Salt Water Crocodiles!

Are crocodiles reptiles?

Crocodiles are reptiles.

Is a crocodiles an anphibian?

Crocodiles are reptiles.

Where do crocodiles migrate to?

Crocodiles do not migrate.

Are crocodiles herbivores?

No, crocodiles are carnivores.

Do crocodiles have scales?

Crocodiles do have scales

Do crocodiles defecate?

Yes crocodiles do defecate.

Are crocodiles poisonous?

No, crocodiles are not venomous. (poisonous)

Crocodiles get water by?

crocodiles get water by there mouth

What color is a crocodiles tongue?

The crocodiles have no tongue.

What kind of teeth do crocodiles have?

the crocodiles have canines

Are crocodiles in Alaska?

No crocodiles are not native to Alaska.

Do Crocodiles have claws?

yes crocodiles have claws

Are crocodiles or alligators native to Egypt?


Why do crocodiles not migrate?

Because crocodiles have to have water.

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