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Do dense foam mattresses help relieve back pain?

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Yes... About as well as water beds do. The weight is distributed more evenly due to the lack of certain bony areas supporting greater weight on said points. Also, make sure you get one that has cool foam.

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What are the benefits of memory foam mattress pads?

Memory foam pads can soften mattresses that are too hard. They can relieve pressure on the back, neck, and legs, and a three or four inch thick mattress pad is much, much cheaper than an entire memory foam mattress.

What are the advantages of a visco foam mattress?

Visco foam mattresses are known to have a far better effect on people's spines, as they are able to relieve pain by supporting the spine the entire night.

What types of foam mattresses does Visco offer?

There are two types of Visco foam mattresses. One is memory foam that reacts to your body heat and is more sensitive and can be more costly. There are also Visco foam mattresses that are less sensitive and don't conform to the body as much.

What is the difference between tempurpedic, visco and memory foam mattress?

Tempurpedic is a patented trademark name for foam mattresses that offer body temperature regulation. Memory foam is the most generic of these terms, and 'visco' is a specific type of high-grade. dense memory foam.

How do latex foam mattresses compare to traditional spring mattresses?

Latex foam mattresses are currently gaining popularity over the traditional spring mattresses. A latex mattress provides a precise amount of firmness and pressure for a person.

What are visco foam matresses and why are visco foam mattresses better than other types of mattresses?

Visco foam mattresses are often referred to as a "Memory Foam" Mattress. These Visco mattresses are better than other types of mattresses because they adjust to the persons body that lays on the mattress.

Is foam a conductor of electricity?

This depends on the type of foam. There have been made foam that actually conduct electricity. This is a choice made in the manufacturing of the foam. Most foam in mattresses and the like does not conduct electricity. Moisture however can change the mattresses conductivity drastically.

is a memory foam mattress good for back problems?

Memory foam mattresses are known to help back problems because there is less strain on the back. You should test some out and find one that feels best to you.

Are memory foam mattresses safe?


What are the average prices for memory foam mattresses?

Average prices for Memory Foam Mattresses range from $200 to $7500. The reason for the large variance in price is mainly because of differences in the thickness of the foam.

Are memory foam mattresses really worth the extra cost for helping your back?

Yes they are but why pay the extra cost where you can get it discounted DREAMCLOUD: To buy๐Ÿ‘‡

What types of things are made from latex foam?

There are a variety of products that could be made from latex foam. Latex foam is usually used in the manufacturing of modern day mattresses since it would outlast spring mattresses.

Do memory foam mattresses cause you to sweat?

Put it in one word "yes" how ever there are memory foam mattresses that are made to be cool. Because of that reason that most are hot.

Memory Foam Mattresses?

When shopping for memory foam mattresses you should make sure that it is the right size. You should also make sure it is at least 2" thick.

What are double memory foam mattresses?

Double memory foam mattresses are mattresses that have more than the standard foam inside of them, which makes for a better and more comfortable rest for some.

What is the benefit of using a memory foam latex mattress?

Memory foam latex mattresses offer more support than regular spring coil mattresses. They contour to the body and allow for a more restful sleep. For those with lower back pain, a memory foam mattress can help with morning soreness and joint stiffness.

Does Amazon sell Memory Foam Mattresses? does indeed sell Memory Foam Mattresses, in a variety of different sizes and prices. The top seller is a 12 inch queen size memory foam matress for $530.

Where can a great deal on a latex foam mattress be found?

The retailers Sam's Club, Ikea and Costco offer deals on latex foam mattresses. Deals on latex foam mattresses can also be found on the web site Amazon.

What is the best type of mattress for a bad back?

A foam mattress is one of the best mattresses for a bad back. It has no springs to direct pressure on any sensitive areas of the back. And, one can choose a firm mattress or even softer mattresses to fit the person's needs.

What is the meaning of foam resistance?

It is a measure of how dense foam is.

What are the benefits of foam mattressses over spring mattresses?

The benefit of a memory foam mattress is that it molds itself to your back and spine. However, unlike a spring mattress, it offers less support.

What are the advantages of a foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses have gained extreme popularity over the past few years. Some benefits of a memory foam mattress include more restful sleep and alleviation of back or joint pain.

What are the advantages of memory foam beds?

Latest second and third generation memory foam mattresses have the ability to react to body heat and body weight. This makes it possible to mold to the sleeper's body in order to help relieve pressure points and preventing pressure sores.

What benefits does a Visco foam mattress offer?

Visco foam mattresses are similar to Tempur-Pedic mattresses in that they conform to the sleeper's body, reducing pressure points and helping to reduce back and neck pain. The Visco mattress resumes its proper shape once the sleeper is no longer on the mattress.

Are high density foam beds better for your back than traditional box springs?

Many doctors are now saying high density foam beds to have benefits. Traditional mattresses do not give proper support to the back and neck.