Do dental fillings crush from scuba diving?


It's unlikely that fillings would ever crush, but theoretically an extremely badly made filling could crush from the pressure of a deep descent. A more common dental issue associated with diving is empty pockets of air in a filling expanding as you ascend and causing pain.

It's worth mentioning that you're a scuba diver to your dentist, and check out DAN(.org?) (Divers Alert Network) for dental health related issues.


No, fillings do not crush, and no, they do not trap air. This is an urban myth. There has never been even one authenticated case of either ever recorded. If you think its your teeth, its most likely your ears, believe it or not, its really hard to tell the difference.

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Far more frequent than problems with dental work are sinus problems. One old, hoary way of testing if your toothache is really a sinus problem is to hop on the heel of one foot on the side that hurts. If it throbs every hop, it's sinus and not dentistry.

I realize this sounds like voodoo. The science of it is that a swollen sinus cavity will press down on the same nerve plexus that hurts when an upper tooth gets problematic. However, that bouncing motion will really throb with a swollen sinus but won't do a thing to a tooth ache.

Doubt me? Try it :}

Another answer

I don't think a filling can be crushed, but if it is fitted badly and there is a pocket of air underneath the filling there is a possibility that as you ascend the air will expand causing the filling to pop out, however I think this rarely happens. Someone mentioned telling your dentist that you are a diver, but unless they are a diver themselves they will have no idea why you are telling them that so you will probably jut get an answer along the lines of'oh really? ? That'snice'