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Do die cast Thomas the tank engines fit on wooden railway track?

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My son has several die cast Thomas figures and they don't fit his wood rail set. The wheelbase is too narrow so the won't go into the slots. They did make some wooden Thomas characters and they fit. I found his at our local Barnes and Noble. I haven't bought them in the last 2 to 3 years but I know they are out there because I have a box full. Hope this was some help.

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Will thomas wooden railway engines fit on plastic track?

Yes, however, die-cast trains will not fit on wooden tracks.

Where could one buy spare wooden track for a Thomas railway?

Spare wooden track can be purchased from toy shops that sell the wooden Thomas sets like The Entertainer and Argos. However cheaper wooden track is available from Tesco and IKEA that will fit most of the wooden Thomas trains, and link up with existing track.

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