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Do do you need commercial insurance on the vehicle you drive as a pilot car?


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No. You can not. Personal auto insurance policies state very plainly that the policy does not cover you if you are involved in a commercial enterprise. Additionally, in many states if you are found to be operating pilot car without the required minimum of $1,000,000 coverage you can face thousands of dollars in fines and possible jail sentences with new and upcoming legislation.

In some states, if you are operating as a pilot car you are responsible for damages. If you are escorting a high load and that load hits a bridge, you are the one responsible to bear the cost of repairs. If there is an accident that results in death or injury, you are the one who may be held responsible. Case in point: an accident in Washington a while back resulted in a bridge collapse and deaths. In operator had a $3 million dollar judgment against her. Other lawsuits resulting in that are pending.

A commercial auto insurance policy is not even enough for the professional oversize load industry. The commercial auto policy covers only the auto. You also need a GL and PL policy in the amount of $1,000,000 each to have minimum coverage.

Expect to be paying at least $4,000 a year for insurance with a spotless driving record and more if you are needing insurance for high pole, route survey, or other specialized services. Expect to be paying more if your vehicle is financed and much more if you have any moving violations.

(I am a professional Oversize Load Escort - Pilot Car Owner/Operator.)


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