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Do dogs bleed a lot during there period?


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They bleed about the same amounts as humans

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depends on the dog. large dogs usually do bleed heavy when on heat smaller dogs bleed a lot less (not heavy)

Guinea pigs have estrus not human menstruation. This time of their season they do bleed. Sometimes it is heavy sometimes not.

yes it is dogs bleed when they are giving birth or when they get pregnet i dont know why buy my friends dog did bleed and a lot of other dogs i know bleed

if you bleed when you are pregnant it doesn't necessarily mean its your period or you have had a miss carriage. a lot of women bleed during pregnancy so you will still be pregnant if it doesn't hurt x

The first three years of your period is Irregular

Sounds like your period wasn't quite finished. A lot of women will cycle 3-5 days and think they are done but will spot or bleed just a little more the day after, especially after sex.

You bleed A LOT when you have a miscarriage and during your period you also bleed bright red so see a doctor if unsure. Take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after.

A lot of dogs gums will bleed if they are chewing really hard, or for long periods of time. When they start to bleed, take the rawhide away from them for the day. If they always bleed when chewing on rawhide bones I would find a softer chew toy for them. you usually bleed a lot more the first day and then as the days go by it gets less

Everyone is different , for me it bleed a lot

No, it's not, unless you miscalculated the arrival of your period. See a doctor.

A pill to stop your pregnancy means you had an abortion.It is very normal to bleed a lot during an abortion, this is the pregnancy expelling itself.

Yes. I've heard of people having there period during there whole pregnancy. If I were you I'd take a pregnancy test.

sometimes. it depends on the person. it could be a few drops, or as much as a period.

Normally not there are just little splotches of blood in your under ware extended

Berlin was bombed a lot during this period.

It differs depending on how much you bleed but yes, when there's a lot you can feel it getting warm.

Ducks are hatched out of eggs and no, they do not bleed.

Depends on the thickness of the hymen. Not all virgins bleed a lot, but some do which both are normal.

if your hymen hasn't broken or stretched then it isn't to uncommon to for this to hurt and for you to bleed but if you are bleeding profusely for an extended period of time you may want to seek medical attention.

hi im the same ive had discharge for 2 years i woundered if something wasnt normal

Yes, it is very normal. Although, if it's causing you a lot of pain, as well. You should probably go see your doctor. Good luck!

Girls go threw a lot during the ages 9 and 15 they go threw puberty boys get it to but girls go threw a lot more they bleed from the vagina witch is call a period and the lumps behind there called breast or boobs that's another part of puberty for girls they go threw mood swings they can get very grumpy during puberty or there period so watch out lol.

no you cant because otherwise the stitches will get wet and then get soggy and fall out then if the wound isn't healed enough then the cut, or wound could bleed a lot.

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