Do dogs cough up hairballs?

Quite frankly yes, some dogs do 'cough' up hairballs. Actually they more like throw them up. It is usually after excessive licking, caused by excessive itching or loose fur that causes them to lick, and even sometimes develop a 'hot spot' which can be bare of fur due to the excessive licking. A dogs system does not handle the hair as well as a cat, and they usually will pass small amounts in the feces, which can leave hanging matter from the anus forcing one to use a tissue or paper towel to remove by gently pulling on it. However excessive amounts of hair can, and does cause a dog to throw up the excess fur, usually tangled around what regular food they last ate as a 'ball', log, or other shape. Since dogs really don't like to throw up they can spend some time coughing or choking, and scaring their owners silly, before bringing up the offending matter. This cough/choke is different than a regular cough in that the dog will swallow over and over again during the coughing trying to avoid vomiting. One warning though, this same behavior can be a result of a condition in certain dogs known as a bloat, so when in doubt have your vet check it out.