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Yes it's possible if they like each other. Dose any one have a picture?

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Can cats mate with dogs?

Cats and dogs cannot mate with one another. Dogs only mate with dogs, and cats only mate with other cats.

How long arw dogs and cats supposed to mate?

Dogs and cats should mate for about three to five minutes.

Do dogs and cats get angry if you try to stop them from mating?

Dogs and cats will not mate together.

Who do dogs mate with each other?

No,Cats and Dogs may not be able to mate but it has not been proven{YET}

Do dogs marry cats?

No, animals do not marry each other. They just mate, but cats and dogs cannot do this.

Can a dog successfully mate with a cat?

Dogs and cats cannot successfully mate.

How do cats look for a mate?

Dear Reader, Cats look for a mate just like dogs do. They just be in love. Some cats I've seen make a heart with their tail, and they were in love. Humans, Cats, Dogs, same love. -Writer

If you have two cats that are the opposite sex and they are both fixed will they still try to mate?

Cats, unlike dogs, when they have been neutered do not try to mate.

Can dogs and cats mate and have decent offspring?

No, dogs and cats cannot produce offspring. The mating of animals is what we call species specific.

Do hamster have to be the same to mate?

No, much like dogs and cats, hamsters can mate with different types of hamsters.

Can a dog or a cat mate with a fox?

No, both cats and dogs are too genetically different to mate with a fox.

What animal will die if it does not find a mate?

cats and dogs and mice and rabbits and frogs and horses

Can dwarf hamsters mate with mice?

No, they are different species, like cats and dogs. They will not try to mate, and cannot produce offspring together.

Can a female cat mate with a male dog?

No. Cats and dogs are two completely different species.

How do Siamese cats mate?

The same way all cats mate.

Do cats try to mate when they are fixed?

No, cats do not try to mate when they are fixed

Can dogs and ducks mate?

No dogs and ducks can not mate.

Which months do dogs mate?

which month do dogs mate

What day in there season do cats mate on?

No particular day. Cats will mate when they want. If you are worried that your cats aren't mating, don't. They will mate if they want to, and they will mate at a time that is right for them. And cats usually mate when there is no human company about, so they might be mating when you are not around.

Who cannot have a mate or kit in warrior cats?

Medicine cats and cats from different clans that want to mate

Do owls mate with other animals?

NO! owls mate owls & dogs mate dogs!

How will your cats know how to mate?

Cats, like humans, naturally know when/how to mate.

How will cats mate?

when a female cat see a male cat the cats mate

Can a insect mate with a dog?

No. Only dogs can mate with dogs.

Can dad and daughter cats mate?

catsYes, A father and Daughter cat can mate.

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