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Do dolphin teeth grow back?

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No they don't. They have only one set of teeth in their life. Unlike humans that have two. Baby teeth and grown teeth.

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Do your back teeth fall and grow back?

Yes back teeth fall and grow

Do whales teeth grow back?

Whales have bristles, not teeth. So no their teeth do not grow back.

Why can't are teeth grow back?

They are perminent teeth. only milk teeth grow back

Can dolphin tails grow back?


How long do teeth roots take to grow back?

Roots of teeth do not grow back.

How do dogs teeth grow back?

Dogs teeth grow back by themselves you just have to be patient.

How many teeth has a dolphin?

yes a dolphin has teeth yes a dolphin has teeth

What do you do if a guinea pig has chipped teeth?

Your guinea pig's teeth will eventuallly grow back. All rodents can grow teeth back.

Do rabbits grow teeth back?

a rabbits teeth are constantly growing so if your rabbits teeth brake it will grow right back

Do your baby teeth grow back?

No u don't get ur baby teeth back u then grow ur adult teeth !

Can chipped teeth ever grow back?

No, the enamle on a humans teeth will not grow back. Only strengthen.

When dogs lose teeth do they grow them back?

If they lose there baby teeth then they will grow them back, but if they lose there grown up teeth then they are gone forever.

Do a lion's teeth grow back?

No, if a lion loses a tooth it does not grow back. When sharks lose teeth they do grow back and spiders can regrow a leg when it is lost.

Will your leopard gecko teeth grow back?

they do not have teeth

Do wolf teeth grow back?

Adult wolf teeth do not grow back. In fact, teeth do not regenerate in any mammal once they have reached adulthood.

Do human canie teeth grow back?

The canine teeth will not grow back if they are permanent canines. If they are baby teeth the adult canines will appear eventually.

Do first permanent teeth grow back once more if they fall out in a child?

you can get two teeth your primary "baby: teeth and your permanent "adult" teeth. when you lose you adult teeth it will not grow back

Do baby canine teeth grow back?

yesIn actuality, no they do not regrow, but will be replaced by permanent/adult teeth. See the answer in: Do children canine teeth grow back?

How many does a dolphin have of teeth?

A dolphin has 76 to 98 teeth, that's about 10 teeth in a row!

Do adult teeth grow back?


Do zombies grow back teeth?


How do teeth grow back?

they dont

Do wolves grow teeth back?


Can dolphin tales grow back if fully cut off?


Your hamster has broken his two bottom teeth you've crushed up his food pellets and will his teeth grow back please answer I'm very worried?

Hamsters' teeth are very much like a human beings if they were permanent teeth they will not grow back but if they were baby teeth they probably will grow back.

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